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Warnings Against Hoarding

With Famines coming, Warnings Against Hoarding. Despite at least TWO years of warning.

I have been warning since January 2020 of the serious likelihood of food crisis or even famines.  And now it has become clear that within a year the music will stop and serious hunger will begin. Where, when, how bad? Nobody knows.

Rest assured. When shelves are empty The Beast will instantly accuse prepared people of hoarding, then endorse “peaceful food and resource redistribution.” There is a massive difference between hoarding at the last moment of just after the crisis begins, and stockpiling for a rainy day when production and supply chains are running full blast.

In fact, the opposite is true.

When people are fully prepared they REDUCE the stress on the community during bad times. The preppers are not diving into fistfights over grains of rice to feed the babies because they are up in the mountains fishing. They are not adding to the problem. Opposite.

Remember during the fake pandemic when The Beast was closing off seed sections of stores while alcohol was stocked full? The Beast needs us to need it. To enslave us, The Beast needs to buy up all the houses and farmland. Total dependency. Take all the dope and alcohol you want. Slave like a Russian drunk.

The Beasts in Washington — nor any State government to my knowledge — have not warned Americans about impending food and other crisis.

Has your governor warned you?

Has your State taken specific precautions to bolster the food supply?

More from Reuters: World Bank’s Malpass warns against hoarding of food or gasoline



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