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Fight the Beast

Quick post with a plea and some thoughts:

I do not like to ask for help, but I need help and it’s unrealistic not to ask.

PLEASE support our efforts.

As you can see, the GoFundMe and GiveSendGo are not working so hot.

We need at least a half-million dollars to up the game to buy a mobile media vehicle. I cannot publish vehicle images — this would make me more targetable. But we greatly need this vehicle. Thank you for any help.

As you see, since the time I started publishing online in January 2005 in Iraq, my accuracy track record is very strong, and my predictive abilities are in the top 1%. Mainly because:

I practically live on “the front”

I study like Rainman

Constantly adjusting paradigms to reduce surprises and increase predictive accuracy

I do not suffer fools — especially inner circles — communists/authoritarians, and am willing to offend the highest-ranking people.

We need accurate information. And accurate paradigms. If your paradigm is not predictive, accurate information is useless.

I am sufficiently persuaded, based on watching the field and the fact pattern emerging, that the ‘lunatics’ were right: a genocide actually is unfolding. The fact pattern is clear. There could be other paradigms to explain the same fact pattern. So we must always keep testing, testing, testing, and changing immediately if (when) paradigms fail.

But I am planning my life now as if genocide is in the future unless we can avert this by thwarting the plans of evil men and women.

Keep adjusting paradigm until:

You are no longer surprised

Your predictive powers increase inaccuracy to the point you are surprised by your own higher level of accuracy (refer to 1). You will never be perfectly predictive — the world is far too complex.

A great way to increase predictive power — reduce surprises — is to read tons of history, and drink your information from the cleanest pumps.

I’ve spent much time in hyperinflation, shortages, and that sort of thing. Thus I was saying many times in early 2020 to cash in your coins. Be prepared for banks to either fail, or the banks or your government to swipe your money straight from your account. One way to swipe is just to block access to transactions while they use your money while hyperinflation steals it. They can say, “We didn’t steal your money.”

Hyperinflation melts cash and creates shortages, which makes items even more expensive while cash melts.

I need a media vehicle because:

I must be mobile to sense the field

Staying in hotels is expensive

Staying in hotels is dangerous — people recognize me at times, and every transaction at front desk tells a huge number of people where you are. Including any foreign actors such as CCP who have access to banking and are completely infiltrated into our FBI and other intelligence agencies. Our government is completely infiltrated and must be assumed to be a foreign actor. Information is easily fed to ‘ANTIFA’ sorts, etc.

Eventually, my accounts will be blocked, as will those of people like Steve Bannon, Joe Rogan, and anyone else who does not submit for beheading. Generals take a knee. Leaders take a Stand.

The good news is The Beast continuously surrounds itself with incompetent buffoons. They fight each other more so than we do. The Beat Includes unstable loons like Alec Baldwin and his kooky armorer. They can’t operate a lawnmower without running over their own children.

The higher levels of The Beats are competent insofar as — well look at the results. Israel and Australia, as two examples. They talked a good freedom game until the day it actually counted. Turns out Australia and Israel are totalitarian states in costume.

Everyone wants to be a hero until it’s time to do hero shit. Everyone wants to be free until it’s time to water the tree.

The Beast has competently attacked a sleeping giant. We are awake. We ain’t happy. It’s on.

The Beast has surrounded itself with sycophants and purple-haired pretenders. It’s time to do hero shit. Let’s go Alec. Most of these weak, cruel people are like Alec Baldwin. Most of them will panic in face of actual resistance. When shit gets real.

The Army of The Beast is staffed with unstable people and sycophants who will turn on The Beast when they sense The Beast is weakened. This is a great weakness of The Beast. It’s own army will turn on it the moment they see The Beast is weak. The Great Oz is the man behind the curtain.

People who take a knee must be noted.

My mission is Recon. To provide accurate information and analysis so that you incorporate this into Your local and global paradigms. My accurate information gets added into your flow to increase your abilities to make accurate decisions — in advance.

I have been warning hundreds of times since January 2020 to STOCK UP.

In addition to preparing for shortage, I specifically warned many times since early 2020 to prepare for hyperinflation.

Remember my Livestream in early 2020 warning about hyperinflation? It’s coming. As predictable as high winds in a hurricane. The Beast is creating shortages and hyperinflation, and many of our top generals are so busy taking a knee that they overtly, publicly support The Beast. When we take back control, they must all be fired. A real purge. Our Navy destroys it’s own ships by running into things, and recently burned a multi-billion dollar ship to the point it was destroyed. A new ship. What Admiral was fired? SecNavy? SecDef?

Ships are parked off the coast and The Beast installed a Secretary of Transportation who took maternity leave.

I am heading back to the border to check out this caravan and escort some key people. You will see in the news later.

PLEASE be generous. Our enemies are well funded.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. Excuse my the spell check.

  2. Michael ,
    Listened to you yesterday on JPs podcast today. Good 👍 intro.

    Found you web site and will be following.
    Thank you to your work.
    E Smith

    • Hi Ernest! I’m Elaine and on behalf of the Michael Yon team, I am glad you have joined our community and hope you will contribute often.

      Also, no worries about your spell check…we read autocorrect fluently! Looking forward to our conversations!

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