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Am saying this again for the 2000th time since January 2020. STOCK. UP.

Short of massive nuclear war — which would result in massive famines — significant disruption of the global food supply is an ultimate WMD.

PanFaWar. You are in it.

Prediction: people will begin dying in large from starvation before the end of 2022. Massive famines before the end of 2024. Biblical famines. Maybe I am wrong.

Famines create Pandemic and War. War creates Pandemic and Famine. Pandemic creates War and Famine.

Famines add to Pandemic due to mass migrations, and weaker immune systems from lack of nutrition. Wars, same. They all feed into each other as a big ball.

Global music will soon stop and there will not be enough calories to go around. This will create weaker people, and mass migrations. These are conditions for Pandemic and War.

How do these things end? PanFaWar ends the way wildfires end. They burn out. They burn through the fuel. Conditions change. And the circle of life continues.


Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Glad you are back in U.S.
    Stay safe.

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