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Food Supply and Supply Chain

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Mind Dump, Sans Edit

By 2024 we might not have enough food for the world population. We might, for the first time in human history, be short one useable food.

PanFaWar — Pandemic, Famine, War — the three Musketeers.

I’ve only read about 15 books on famine. I’ve never been in a famine. Most people alive today never have seen famine.

Many of us have seen war.

Nearly all of us have seen at least one manufactured pandemic.

Food shortages, yes, plenty, but not outright famine with vultures circling over people crawling on the ground.

Important to keep our words straight:

Starvation is not famine. Drowning is oxygen starvation — there is plenty of unusable oxygen in the water, and maybe just inches away. Nearly everyone who drowns does so just near the surface. Inches or feet away. The deepest part of the sea is only about six miles from fresh air, and nobody drowns down there, just six miles away.

A person can starve by eating only rabbits. Eat all the rabbits you wish and die of “rabbit starvation.” Some people call it protein poisoning or protein starvation. Others call it rabbit starvation.

Starvation occurs when the food is either unusable, or never reaches your stomach. Starvation often has nothing to do with food supply.

Famine occurs usually from drought, pestilence, war — or some sort of supply chain disruption that nearly always is caused by man. Just now, a flood in Australia has disrupted food supply to Western Australia. Damaged train tracks. Famine is highly unlikely there because both Australia and many other friends can help work around quickly. But imagine now a war with China…

Famines often lead to mass migrations, such as Irish streaming to America. Where many were handed rifles literally almost right off the boats. Marched straight into the Civil War. Welcome to America! Plenty of food and ammo, and now you be cannon fodder.

Again, I have read only about 15 books on famine. Not the 60 I have read on Pandemic, and hundreds on war.

Pandemic is not about viruses or bacteria, by the way. There should be a PhD program on pandemic that is not focused on the germs but on the human reactions.

More of a study of stampedes.

The pandemic is the array of things that happens after the “snake” or loud sound or fire causes the stampede.

All this talk of spike proteins and all that is distracting. Interesting to folks like me who like “science stuff,” but distracting. Like talking about scale-types on rattlesnakes. Cool stuff, but specialty to the point of dangerous distraction.

Such as a fire-chemist breaking down all the toxic chemicals during a fire emergency, and everyone stopping to discuss chemicals they never heard of until the fire started.

So we got people like Berenson and Malone doing vital work, but they are basically talking about “the snake”.

“The snake is typically only four-feet long, has two fangs, enough juice to envenomate one cow. Which cow may or may not die.”

That cow screams at the sight of the snake.

The snake strikes the cow.

She runs and screams something about racism. The crows scream “racism!” The ducks scream “crows!” Crocodiles catch cows stampeding across the stream.

The herd of 1,000 cattle tramples over a railway. Causing a train to derail. Spilling chemicals. The town burns. Fertilizer plant ablaze. Fertilizer explodes. Shockwave.

Hundreds more herds stampede, leading to more fires, ruined crops.

Some guy named Fauci flies over in his Pfizer-copter tossing out thousands of rubber snakes into herds across the world. Sellsl anti-venom.

And suddenly everyone looks around at the store shelves are empty.

They sell anti-venom. And more anti-venom. And the people are hungry. And then look around and see some guy named Gates invested in anti-venom, and farms, and beyond meat. In war, secure the food. And the medicine.

THAT is Pandemic. Does not matter if from virus, bacteria, fungi, prions, rubber snakes, or imagination. The stampede and its consequence.

Fauci and his ilk own a rubber snake factory in China and stock in anti-venom. Fauci and Gates are co-conspirators along with many others.

As for famine, from my still-limited literature recon, there has always been plenty of food.

Plenty of food was always somewhere else.

In nearly all cases there was malicious human intervention, such as you must be well aware in Ireland back when.

Mind-dump complete.

This book was worth my time and money:

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