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Football Player Collapse, and Primacy Effect


02 January 2023

A 24 year-old professional football player collapsed on the field this evening. His name is Damar Hamlin. Apparently Damar is still alive.

In context, the collapse is wildly suspicious given that athletes have been collapsing faster than bowling pins on a Saturday night.

Dead Elephants are flat on the ground all over the place.

Damar barely made it to the table before vax-pushers jumped ahead with their information war. They are taking advantage of the Primacy Effect.

The Primacy Effect is a psychological tactic. The first to say their message has advantage. There was a joke in Afghanistan among ‘psyop’ people: the first to say something three times, wins.

There is another tactic you may never have heard of. US and allies hack enemy media or thought leaders, see their drafts, and quickly publish opposition ahead of the story. This seizes high ground on Primacy Effect.

It is likely the vax-pushers have scripts ready for inevitable collapses on the field. Already I see people on Twitter parroting the storyline that the collapse is result of commotio cordis, a term they never heard before one hour ago but suddenly believe it. Notice this same terminolgy is instantly being used widely over the media.

Fact is, nobody knows what caused this. But we see athletes and others collapsing faster than monkeys rain from trees during nerve gas attacks. We are under biological and information warfare attack by our own ‘governments’.

Please share this widely.

Primacy Effect in action:



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  1. For all the ANTI DENIAL OF VACCINE INJURY…. The vaccine is a plausible concern! These healthy football players were mandated to get these vaccines while the NFL received lots of money for mandating them. This is an experimental vaccine given to the whole population. Yes EXPERIMENTAL! If you looked at the animal trials back in 2009 with mRNA you would see that the animals died! YES DIED! Now life insurance agencies have confirmed a 40% increase in all cause mortality in the working class population-that is unheard of! The government/media has lied continually about these vaccines. Stop being ignorant and do your own research instead of listening to unelected bureaucrats and Pharma owned media and politicians and even the NFL! Use your critical thinking skills! There has been over 1500 athlete deaths around the world- that is unheard of when it use to be less than 100 a year! Even military data base DMED shows a drastic increased in all diseases/miscarriages/ deaths/cancers since the vaccine rollout! So DON’T call me an ANTI-VAXXER! I am a concerned citizen who has educated myself with research!
    BTW… Robert Malone ( inventor of mRNA technology) also confirmed that COVID “vaccine” is GENE THERAPY! Just another lie the greedy government/ media has told YOU!

  2. A few reasons it’s not commotio cordis: the average age is 10-18 and he’s 24, he was wearing a breast plate to prevent injury to the heart, the tackle was a clean hit, and he stood up after the tackle.

  3. My husband was a football player that has seen commotion cords before; you drop right away, not a few seconds later.

  4. Damar barely made it to the table before ANTI VAXXERS such as yourself jumped ahead with their information war. They are taking advantage of the Primacy Effect. Claiming it was the vaccines and not a medical condition well documented even with its rarity. One that happened in Hockey in recent memory (see Chris Pronger, 1998)

    99% of NFL players are vaccinated, but only one dropped to the ground due to the vaccine after hundreds of games? Improbable, but a great path for anti vaxxers to get the Primacy Effect going on the echo chamber that is Twitter. Commotio cordis is scarce and yet it fits the narrative according to doctors well versed in cardiac maladies, not the speculation of internet journalists with a penchant for medical quackery. This has happened in hockey, baseball and martial arts way before COVID, and again… its rare.

    Primacy Effect cuts both ways. You told me on Twitter “anything is possible”, but so is Sasquatch and UFOs. I’m with the cardio physiologists on this one.

  5. They definitely do have scripts ready, already people on youtube and twitter rushing to say its something else, anything else but the vaxx. Their eyes see nothing of the horrors to come. Their ears are stopped. They are the gods fools.

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