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Germany is Committing Ritual Suicide

22 August 2022
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Mind Dump,

Germans shutting nuclear plants during a life-threatening energy, food, economic, and demographic crisis.

Germans are predictable. Germans live their myths in the play. The inter-generational dance of life. A main German current is Götterdämmerung. Germany will be destroyed, taking Europe with it.

Eagles eagle.
Squirrels squirrel.
Germans Götterdämmerung.
That is their way.

Globalists have little problem persuading Germany to dance to its own mythological resonance.

Bottom line: Europe will soon be stocked with cold, hungry, angry people. Many speak languages most Europeans never heard before. From cultures, they know nothing about. Millions of military-aged males. Tens of millions. Have swept across Europe and are in big towns, small cities, and villages from the South of Italy to the North of Norway.

The good news is that all trains and busses across Luxembourg are completely ‘free.’ Just get on the bus and go.

Literally. Right now. It’s 2 AM here in Luxembourg City. Luxembourg just twenty years ago was still one of the finest places to visit in Europe — meaning in the world.

Tonight, Luxembourg is becoming a shit-zone.

Literally right now. Outside my window by the train station. Africans are selling drugs on two corners. As they did last night from before sunset until sunrise. Am sitting here writing by the window. Big windowsill as the table. Watching zombies

Just stopped writing to make a video of zombies almost fighting again.

Context: This is on Liberte street just at a small monument to American forces for liberating Luxembourg from Nazis. You can almost certainly find this place with a web-search. Downtown Luxembourg City. I am looking at a monument to American forces. A cemetery for our Veterans not far away. I will pay respects.

And now look at this place. Germany and others systematically destroying Europe again. Europe — the Middle East for white people. A mere 24 hours of no lights, a single day, no food to absolute anarchy. Jungle law. Unarmed. And there goes a police car with lights on. Maybe responding to zombies fighting or raping each other. I have no idea. No civilized person in their right mind would be down on that street now unless they just stepped off the train having no idea.

Day and night, groups of African and Middle Eastern young men hang around the train station and on the streets. Clearly thugging.

Am going on my third day here and so far have met a total of one (1) man who identified himself has having been born in Luxembourg.

This place is dead. Free everything until it runs out. I found a Frenchmen tonight and talked with him for about an hour. He’s lived here thirty years. Loved it then. Hates it now. He spontaneously brought up that 2023 this place will explode. I’d say the chances of his being right > 90%.

You see how short these few twitter-sized paragraphs are. I’ve seen three separate altercations break out in the time it took to write the above. I have stopped to watch them, and now a fourth is starting now.

Okay they only shouted and finally walked away in different directions.

Zombie just meandered in on a bicycle. Hardly able to keep on the bicycle. Bicycle-zombie stops. Unzipping pants on sidewalk….and. Yep, now taking a leak on the sidewalk. Does not bother to face the wall.

Last night, all night long, so many drug deals below me. I watched many transactions. Money openly changing hands. Doorway across the street, sometimes several men and women at a time, or singles, and the lighter glows on their face like Hunter Biden.

Druggees staggering around. Several arguments fights nearly came to blows. Repeat tonight.

And Germany continues to shut down its energy, industry, and food supply, while invaders hit the beaches. Huge amounts of Europeans are out at holiday now. On the beaches. Many are probably in Florida, at groomer-Disney. Enjoying their last summer before Europe explodes.

If Europe survives to Christmas 2024 this will be among the greatest of miracles.

But now, tonight, nearly 0300 in Luxembourg City — the former jewel of Europe — I sit on the front edge of the hell to come.

Germany will commit suicide. Ritual suicide is part of the German lifecycle: Götterdämmerung. And they will take Europe along. China will collapse in some way, as will Japan, the United States, and most of the rest.

The stuff of myth

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Al you lost me when you said he was a draft dodger, he was not and was wounded in the First World War , also hitler pulled Germany out of the crap of the depression in the thirties by having massive infrastructure and construction projects on the go the Germans at the time had a very high standard of living the Jewish bankers screwed him over , like what’s happening now in my opinion

    • Hitler was Austro-Hungarian. In May 1913 he fled Austro-Hungary to Germany to avoid registering for the draft, and to get his art career moving again after dead ends in Vienna.

      On January 18, 1914 the German police arrested the failed artist, then 24, in a dingy flat in Munich. They were serving him notice that the Austro-Hungarian Embassy had noted he failed to register for the draft and left the country. They then took him to said Embassy where officials took custody and ordered him to return to Austro-Hungary and Linz (his hometown) for the military fitness examination.

      His penchant for left wing fantasy is noted in the written response he gave to the Embassy enquiry as to why he didn’t register for the draft since 1909!

      “The main reason making it impossible for me to honor your summons is that it has not been possible for me to muster the sum necessary for such a journey at such short notice… While it is true that I am earning my keep as a painter, I do so only since I am entirely without assets (my father was a government official)… Therefore my earnings are extremely modest, just sufficient for subsistence purposes.”

      So, yes he was a draft dodger.

  2. Actually, the opposite will happen to both Germany and Europe.

  3. It appears the collapse and demoralization of western European civilization by invasion of third world hordes is intentional and by design. Unless something intervenes a most savage and bloody turmoil may be close at hand. European police and militaries neutered to save their own people, save Poland and Hungary.

  4. Very nice commentary. I must add, ditto…Italy. Same thing. Our ‘guests’ same behavior, same attitude. The freebies for the ‘guests’ and the Italian choked out of a dismal existence. Sad watching it unfold and if you have more than 2 neurons you can read between the lines and see the tailored made realty. I am searching for a private island to move to where its possible to have an intelligent conversation with the flora and fauna. 😁😉

  5. Luxembourg is not a city in Germany. It is an independent country in Europe. I was in Germany during the 80’s,and while the cities were filth,the countryside was ok. The ‘foreigners ‘ from outside Germany were well policed,however Merkel got in and Germany desended into a hellhole when she opened fthe borders to M.E. and African people

  6. Thanks Michael. I too loved Luxemburg in the 60’s. Your predictions for Europe and the world is already underway. Get your ass to a safer place asap. We need you.

  7. This is wild stuff, I hope you go on more podcasts Michael YON!!!! Do you think our mythos has taken us to the end times of revelation? I’d like to hear your analysis, especially with the euphrates river drying up and all the famines, diseases, war, incoming, seems like something straight out of the apocalypse

  8. For a long, long time I defended Germany and Germans. I thought Hitler and the 3rd Reich was a freak occurrence of luck.

    The last several years I’m starting to doubt my opinion.

    • TFW you realize that Hitler was preserving Europe. Multiculturalism is what “winning” looks like.

      • Meine Familie Vater, Reichsbanner + Stahlhelm waren nicht für die NSDAP, dennoch sagte man mir damals immer das es sehr ruhig und sicher war. Mütterlicherseits erlebte die Familie am Rande die Auswirkungen von Stauffenbergs DUMMEN Attentat auf die Familie von Goerdelers Mitverschwörers, 1/2 PG und 1/2 gegen Hitler. Der Wiederstand beschränkte sich auf ,, Guten Tag ”. Meine Mutter mußte Blumen bringen, nach der Hinrichtung, betrat sie das Teehaus und grüßte die Mutter des Toten Verräters stramm und besonders laut… Zum Haus geschickt, traf sie eine junge Frau, und auf die Frage warum sie nicht DEUTSCH grüßen darf, deutete die junge Frau herablassend mit dem Daumen zu Teehaus : ,, War die das ? ” Meine Mutter erlebte Flucht, Vertreibung, und russische Besatzer. Die Russen wollten meine Oma erschießen, weil sie eine kranke Polin mit Milch versorgte… Trotzdem sagte meine Mutter vor ein paar Jahren, nach einer TV Doku über US Besatzer, nicht Befreier, daß die Russen dagegen harmlos waren. Der ganze subkulturelle Dreck hier in Europa kam über die USA und England rein. Viele Amerikaner begreifen dies nicht.

        • Fehler : Nicht Möglicherweise ! Autokorrektur ! Sondern : Meine Mutter mußte Blumen bringen. Die Schwester meiner Mutter war in der Familie Kindermädchen und antwortete auf den Hitler-Gruß ( weil von Jungens damit beim Wäscheaufhängen geärgert ) mit ,, Ihr könnt mich mal am Arsch lecken ” . Nachdem sie sich ( 19 Jahre alt ) umdrehte sah sie Ortsgruppenleiter, Bürgermeister und Gestapo. Ich wunderte mich als Kind, daß sich meine Tante immer erst umdrehte, genau hinschaute und dann schimpfte…
          Ach ! Die Wiederständler Oma, flüchtete als erste vor den Russen, mit 6 Koffern im Zug ! Ein Wachposten erwischte sie, und mußte bis auf einen Koffer alles da lassen, meine Tante gestand mir, daß sie vor Freude wieherte, als die Wiederständlerin auf dem Bahnhof ihre Koffer umpackte. So dachte der Adel über das Volk…
          Zu den CARE Paketen ! Der katholischen Pfarrer verteile sie im Fluchtort Groß Rosenburg, der evangelische Pfarrer fraß sie selber, wurde von meiner Oma dabei erwischt. Er bot der Familie meiner Mutter großzügig die Leichenhalle als Wohnraum an.
          Mein Vater war übrigens in US Gefangenschaft und hatte schnell über 80 Kg Gewicht. Sehr gute Verpflegung. Er war zuletzt in Stendal und dann an der Westfront. Hatte kurz gegen UK, US und Terroristen gekämpft. Die Anti NS Typen heute, meist alles Abkömmlinge von NSDAP Familien…

    • satans armies are running Germany now as well as the entirety of Europe. Europe has fallen and will slide in farther into the open septic tank it has become. before the invaders were invited by most of the European nations. it had already begun there slide into the abyss of filth and depravity; the invaders have just sped up their demise 100 fold.

  9. I thought your article was chilling. I can think of many cities going through the same thing. Cities that were once cherished destinations….San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Phoenix etc. I think all these cities have hidden areas that have been kept somewhat unaffected. I live in a area like that (is less affected by all this dribble), but hate to say the name outloud for fear we’ll be invaded.

    • It’s happening now at the Southern boarder. In 18 months once the fighting aged men get established and find their corners.

  10. I don’t know if Luxembourg was all that great of a place to visit 20 years ago 30 years ago or 40 years ago.
    I have never been there but I remember David Wilkerson talking about a district that catered to every kind of sexual perversion that can be imagined in a big city in Germany and I believe it was Luxembourg, where they glorified rape , sodomy and even a district where they glorified all kinds of drug abuse and torture.

    People I know who were in Germany when they were stationed in the military said it’s always been a disgusting place.
    Back in the 1950s the 1960s the 1970s,
    I don’t think it’s the Muslim immigrants or black colored people causing the problem,
    I think it’s their total rejection of God that is causing their problems.
    Whether it’s white people glorifying sodomizing each other and doing drugs or black people doing it doesn’t seem to be the issue

    • Germany was a nice place when I lived there in the 60s. Things started downhill when the Kurt Kiesinger and the socialist coalition won the elections of 1969. I visited briefly in 1973, and while things weren’t bad in K-town, they were going downhill.

  11. Not one but many Hitler’s are about to overtake the world stage and we will see something you’ve never seen before in your whole life and the tribe will find a fate that should have be following them many many years ago

    • Not “Hitlers”. Instead, Stalins. Stalin and Lenin are their Messiahs, and they yearn for those “good old days.”
      They intend to reprise the Holodomr on a Global basis!

      • Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. All the same.

        The WEF has a Nazi and son of a Nazi as it’s hero, the CCP/SCO reveres the old Communist ways. Everyone has their own totalitarian dictator they love.

        And the end of the day, they are still totalitarian dictators. The flags are designed to confuse the easily confused.

        • Actually Hitler was fighting against the forces that are intentionally doing this to the West. He was right about almost everything. All the negatives you have about him are from the same people that told us we needed to take a death shot to avoid the flu.

          A simple test:
          If Hitler truly is the greatest evil since Haman, you should be able to name at least 1 thing he did that was worse than what the Allies did before, during, and/or after the war.

          If you can’t come up with a single thing, then admit that we’ve been scammed for the past 80 years.

          • The facts don’t support any of your statements above.

            1. Hitler was not “fighting against the forces that are intentionally doing this to the West.”

            Hitler instilled, enhanced, and propagated the VERY forces that are intentionally doing this to America right now. The “West” is B.S. as many nations in Europe are actively working against Americanism. Heck, even parts of America or working against it. Hitler was a National Socialist that believed in Nationalized state-run medicine, a totalitarian state-run media with no dissenting voices allowed, a police state where political opinion gets you thrown in jail, kangaroo courts, centralized control of industry, banking, etc. The state/party determines history, etc etc etc.

            Sure as hell sounds like everything destroying America right now, and that was what Hitler promoted. He wasn’t fighting against it.

            So your first statement is incorrect. Hitler was a pioneer of the principle that led to the people that say the government can tell you to take a death shot. Nazi Doctors pioneered that process. Fauci is just a short carbon copy. Hitler would LOVE the little Jesuit schooled Fauci.

            2. “A Simple (but flawed) Test”:
            There are many things Hitler did that were worse than America during that period. (Clever but flawed attempt to use “allies through all time” when the Soviet Union, an enabler and ally of Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1941, contained many of the same organizational and moral structures, and were hardly real “Allies” to the US.)

            The most obvious evil is the mass mobilization of all facets of German socialist society in the genocidal process, especially the medical and judicial community. The second most obvious is the total disregard for any human life, including those of his “own people”. (Hitler was a draft dodging Austrian artist in fact). His focus on his own fantasy drowned out the reality that he was bringing the nation of Germany and the people to doom. For Hitler in his childish fantasy world, it was Gotterdomurung made manifest. A lot more but those are the big ones.

            3. The Claim “He was right about everything”:

            Hitler was wrong about almost EVERYTHING, especially after 1940. The invasion of France was not his plan, he had a very steady and cautious plan that was “ruined” by a couple of brazen junior generals the most famous being Guderian, who essentially ignored higher HQ and raced for the coast. It was the Nazi PR that called it “Blitzkrieg” and played it off like it was planned. HItler was so frightened by the advance that he called off Guderain and allowed Dunkirk. He was wrong about that. Hitler was also wrong in his assessment of what it would take to knock out Russia. He suddenly embraced a Blitzkrieg strategy without understanding it, and without understanding the fundamental differences in the terrain, weather, etc in the East. Every time he stepped in and directed anything from his more knowledgable and experienced Generals he failed. Stalingrad anyone?
            He was wrong about Operation Sea Lion, and couldn’t even cross the Channel. He was wrong about allocations of the war economy and thankfully wasted resources on a mishmash of projects that led nowhere, and on extermination campaigns that ate up fuel, vehicles, manpower, etc. He was wrong wrong wrong wrong at every turn.

            So I agree with Michael.

            Hitler, Xi, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc are ALL totalitarian socialist dictators who each inspire closet socialists today. Every psycho has their “favorite”, and the fools of history think that Stalin was different morally somehow from Hitler. Or that Xi is different because he wears a suit and is shown in color.

            They are all evil, all are fundamentally wrong in their moral outlook. And all bring death and destruction to their own people and others in order to maintain their own selfish power base.

            Hitler was just another one of these evil men. Just as wrong, just as socialist, just as destructive.

          • Al:


            Native American extermination.

            The term “concentration camp” was first popularized during the 2nd Boer War, when the Brits rounded up women and children into camps to concentrate them. Then stopped feeding them.

            Hitler did nothing out of the ordinary for his time. Or ours, for that matter. The only difference is he lost, and so the victors wrote the histories.

            He was fighting against the bolsheviks, before and during the war. The allies contained a bolshevik nation (USSR) and most of the nations were secretly guided by bolsheviks. Eugene McCarthy was also right about almost everything. What is being done to the West now is straight out of the bolshevik play book.

          • Zorost – you are nothing but a Nazi-apologist who knows very little of history …. your ignorance of history is highlighted by your naming of Eugene McCarthy as warning against the dangers of Bolshevism, when it was in fact Joseph McCarthy who did.

            If you can’t even get your McCarthy’s right, then time to give up on your Internet diatribes!

          • Hitler did not dodge the draft. He was not in Austria when called up and was exempted once he was found in Germany. He later volunteered for the German Army in WW1.

        • FYI, Hitler was trying to prevent this and predicted it would happen if Germany lost the war.

          • Wrong, Hitler was doing just this. Importing Slavs into Germany to be the manual labor, just like democrats do here with the Migrants. Control of the Press, control of medicine, control of rights. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Xi, all same same. All totalitarian socialists.

        • Mr. Yon,

          I just want to say I’m a longtime admirer of your work, and I greatly appreciate everything you’re doing and have done to be a “voice crying out in the wilderness” for those of like mind and heart. Thank you kindly for your herculean efforts, sir!

          With that being said, and in response to all the commentators indulging this impromptu discussion on “Uncle Adolf,” both sides of the “muh Hitler” dichotomy are wrong. He’s not a historical figure at this point, but rather, a mythological/theological one. For the majority of the post-modern West, he’s basically a secular stand-in for Satan. For the contrarian counterculture that reveres him, he’s a political messiah battling the telluric forces of darkness. We will never truly know who Adolf Hitler was, as a man, because we can never be allowed to know; not by his detractors, nor his supporters. Maybe, in the end, there is nothing to uncover, or perhaps, no way to understand. Regardless, he’s now little more than a villainous, archetypal caricature in the modern masonic psychodrama in which we presently find ourselves trapped.

          Hitler wasn’t evil for “combating” International Jewry, his aggressive militarism, or his revanchist foreign policy. He was evil for persecuting the Catholic Church, indiscriminate genocide in general, giving the Jews the ultimate victim card in apparent perpetuity, permanently sullying reactionary politics in the eyes of the ignorant masses, and leaving Deutschland a smoldering corpse prostrate and exposed before her defilers.

          Read Chesterton’s “The Judaism of Hitler” essay, and everything starts to make more sense. The mythic theme of a chosen, master race ordained by Providence to dominate humanity, led by a worldly demi-god savior who would build an earthly paradise, is not an Indo-Germanic idea, but a Jewish one. The NatSocs were golems run amok, destroying their (perhaps unwitting) creators and paving the way for Jewish Bolshevism and Capitalism to destroy what was left of Occidental Christendom.

          What do the Talmudists and WigNats have in common?

          They hate Christ.
          They worship their blood above all else.
          Their will to power devoid of any moral considerations.
          They think Hitler was the most important figure in History.
          Their esoteric materialism is itself inherently Satanic.

          Mr. Schicklgruber (look it up), whatever his mysterious motivations were, whoever his enigmatic masters may have been, has succeeded in mind-screwing the Western collective consciousness into oblivion. Western Man must forget 1930s Germany, and move on.

          Gotterdammerung indeed!

    • These many answer to a few who are trying very hard to remain anonymous. Just wait until each one of those few decides that he wants to be the only one 🧐🤔

  12. We are living in “End Times” Biblical predicted.
    When God says enough is enough…

  13. Very good commentary. Also, very sad. As a proud descendant Germanic/Nordic ancestry, I weep for what was once a proud and independent people.

  14. Not so sure about Japan.

  15. Did my comment disappear? Michael, you are showing your true colors….

  16. You seem to have left out the role played by Yahweh’s Special Pets in all of this…

    • Looks like the Feds are still pumping the Kook Aid into Idaho.

      Which “tribe”, the British, the Democrats, the Germans, the Italians, the Jesuits over at the Vatican?

      Everybody thinks they are “special pets” of some deity.

      I name the names I find. NOT the names others try to feed me.

  17. If I wasn’t barely hanging on, I’d love to still be donating to you. When I can, I will – I appreciate your reporting so much!

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