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Germany Powering Down

01 August 2022
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Mind dump, sans edit

This does not feel like the Germany I lived in. The Germany I remember was clean, safe, orderly. Today, Germany feels like a Blue State in America. Going broke while preparing to freeze and starve. Still waving rainbow and Ukrainian war flags from the windows.

Germany is running amok. Flinging open the barn doors to invasion. Hitching crucial energy dependence to the Russian wagon after being warned by President Trump, as if adults should have needed to be warned.

And now I am in Ludwigshafen. Home of a massive BASF chemical facility on the Rhein River.

The destruction of Germany has reached an advanced stage. Millions of incompatible aliens from afar. The cancer of woke. A long and perpetual series of national errors that mere epic incompetence cannot possibly explain.

BASF is a massive chemical company manufacturing, among other things, nitrogen-based fertilizers using natural gas and air.

And now Nord Stream 1 pipeline trickles natural gas from Russia at roughly 20% capacity. At this rate, Germany likely will run dry in roughly January or February during the dead of winter. Nord Stream 2 rests silent and dry.

German winters are cold. Very cold.

More than a century ago, German Chemist Fritz Haber invented the Haber Process for converting natural gas and air into fertilizer. The Haber Process is one of the most important inventions of mankind. Few people seem to realize that the fertilizer generated from the Haber-Bosch Process materially contributes to the population explosion that sustains billions of people who never would have been born.

German Chemist Carl Bosch led pioneering efforts to take the Haber Process to an entirely new level in Oppau, Germany. Just a short distance from where I write these words.

Bosch took Haber’s Process to stratospheric heights and thus is called the Haber-Bosch Process.

BASF grew massive in large part by using the Haber-Bosch Process for manufacturing and selling fertilizer globally. The gargantuan plant sits directly on the Rhein River, where ships come and go.

And now, the natural gas flow into Germany has been squeezed. Russia is blamed, but that is a lie. The German government had and has at its disposal numerous tools which could be used to mitigate or even evaporate the problem.

Yet it charges forward into the fire. Weimar-Republic-Style. The German Way. The Ragnarök-Process: Transmuting Chance into Catastrophe for which, mythologically, a cold winter is required.

A man who is fulfilling his myth is the epitome of focus.

The cold winter is coming. The Germanic tribes are collecting wood as quickly as possible.

Germany is an authoritarian state. Normal citizens cannot just venture into the woods to collect firewood. This is a job for specialists. And now, Germans are signing up on waiting lists for professional wood collectors to fetch their firewood.

Recently, BASF said they are prepared to sell their natural gas back to the German grid so that Germans do not freeze this winter. ‘Heating islands’ are being prepared to keep the huddled masses from freezing.

These heating islands will offer wonderful opportunity for German tribes to meet and greet Somali tribes.

Imagine the next steps. As BASF and other fertilizer manufacturers run dry, so too will massive amounts of nitrogen-based fertilizer, and massive numbers of people will starve to death. And there will be long winters, famine, and war, Ragnarök-style. All these things have been known across the world.

The mind burst is done for today. Good night from Germany.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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