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Global Holodomor


There never has been a global famine in recorded history.

Countless famines, yes. Global, no. There always has been enough food available, but often in the places and times required.

Even in the upcoming famines there will be plenty of nutrition but not always in a usable form at the right place and time. No doubt, for example, China will start hauling more whales from the sea. The CCP and others will rape the seas. China reportedly is already is ordering trees and forests cut to make way for new farmland.

Smart move because:

    1. famines are coming
    2. food is worth more than gold to a hungry man

Most famines do not last more than about two years. Conditions change and life goes on, often with significantly fewer people. Ireland’s population still has not recovered from famine more than 170 years ago. That famine lasted approximately five years. Famine is a condition wherein a very large group is deprived of nutrition over a significant period. Not mere malnutrition, which is serious enough, but actual mass-grave type situations.

Famine and starvation are not the same.

For example, thousands of sea accidents over the millennia have produced endless lifeboat and deserted island stories of picking straws to see who is eaten first among equals after the unequal already were devoured.

The soccer team wrecked in the Andes, and the Donner Pass wagon train hit the big time because of some magic that causes some events to hit the screens while the vast majority of stories are ignored or vanish into time. These are starvation events, not famine. Another starvation event is the castle or city siege, or an island siege that could happen to places like Taiwan, Japan, or islands around the world.

“Island” can be used broadly.

Valleys can be “islands.” Easily clamped off. Likewise, cities. Castles in the sky. I was in an old castle in Afghanistan, so desolate, which had the deepest hand-dug well I ever saw. Read about it here. I wonder, how many times was this castle besieged? The enemy builds a camp at your feet between you and the world.

Starvation events normally revolve around someone being stuck without food with acts of God, or enemy. Such as a mine collapse, or a spaceship to Mars when something goes wrong. (Matter of time).

These are not famines. These are starvation events.

So my Grandparents, who were stuck on the island of  Bermuda for ten months,  faced no famine or starvation. There were wild pigs left by Spaniards a century earlier, tons of docile birds, endless fish. No humans lived in Bermuda. The only two Indians had been brought along after their public relations voyage to England to persuade colonists and investors that the Indians were friendly. Notwithstanding the fighting taking place at Jamestown where drought and fighting were putting a dent in profits. And survival.

The Indians would ultimately fare far worse due to the circumstance that migrations spread disease. Pandemic conquered more Indians than muskets ever would. Not to mention the food supply, over the centuries. Forcing Indians to migrate to unfamiliar places, and killing off their food supply such as buffalo, strangled their nutrition chain.

Pandemic + Enemy = Famine

Famine is much larger and usually has natural and added manmade components. Droughts and Enemies sometimes cause famine, but often the cause is Drought plus Enemy equals Famine. All of these things lead to Mass Migrations when possible.

In Jamestown, where my grandparents finally landed in 1610 after being shipwrecked, there was actual famine. A long drought at Jamestown added to the War with Indians brought about Famine.

There are also credible reports of cannibalism in Jamestown.  Contrary to pearl-clutching storytellers, cannibalism is common during starvation events and famines. Long Pig is practically a menu item during hard times. The human mind switches to another mode during these stresses.

Famines come in different sorts.

Take the Dutch famine of 1944-45. The Hunger Winter. Hongerwinter in Dutch. This was a sort of “light switch famine” that was suddenly turned on, and suddenly turned off.

Conditions were set by abnormally tough winter + Nazis making a siege. Had the winter not been so tough, or the Nazis not been there, this would have been nothing. When the winter and Nazi siege broke, suddenly like a light switch generous people flooded in the food.

This famine has been studied due to the near scientific “control” of the siege start and end dates, and a specific sort of people, etcetera. You might hear mention of the Hunger Winter in epigenetic studies.

Famines may fade in and fade away.

Other famines sort of fade in and fade away over periods of years. No definitive start or endpoint.

Some famines result from the mere stupidity of man. Such as Mao killing probably billions of sparrows during the Four Pests Campaign when he went Full Mao and attempted to eliminate rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. If you have not seen footage of Mao’s minions stacking up literally tons of sparrows, the education is worth the time.

Fast forward to the part wherein Mao’s experts suddenly realize that sparrows not only devour their share of grain but are essential insectivores. And so now, free of sparrows, the insects went to work on the grain — and turns out the population boom of insects was epic. People starved. Famine. Chinese are famous for resorting to Long Pig. So are Irish, and most others who are hungry enough. Mao began to import sparrows from other parts of Asia.

Famines and starvation events have many faces.

Some are caused purely by acts of God. Others purely by acts of man. Most from a combination of both. There are famines of opportunity, which can be hostile famines or famines of neglect.

Say there is drought. Instead of anticipating and preparing. possibly avoiding famine at least diminishing the impact, a “power that be” simply neglects, never warns, or even downplays that something is coming. This can be due to incompetence, or just not caring one way or another.

There are hostile famines of opportunity. English conducted a hostile famine of opportunity during the Great Potato Famine. The fungus spread — but it hit others around Europe as well, who did fine. The English seized the opportunity to genocide Irish. With great effect. Many died in Ireland. The mass exodus occurred to America.

But the Irish were not great as indentured servants in part because they readily died from Yellow Fever and other baddies. This is in part why so many Africans started selling Africans to Europeans and to other Africans as slaves. Africans were resilient to yellow fever. But that’s another story.

I suspect we are heading into a period of many famines.

Conditions are set for many famines due to acts of God — wherein there will not be much discretionary help or resilience — and other famines of opportunity and hostile famines.

Other conditions are set by hoarding. Especially so at the national level which China is doing on a massive scale.

Hoarding and “prepping” are separate situations.

Prepping occurs when people, often over a period of many years, or just through cultural knowledge, always have a par level of resilience. Some Chinese and some Indians are famous for this. Some Chinese keep giant water cisterns under their homes, as one example. Mormon and Amish in America perpetuate cultural resilience as commonsense. Hoarding occurs more on the eve or onset of disaster and can be the result of nothing more than panic buying, or speculation. Buy the milk. Sell the milk.

My take on China’s actions at this moment likely is due to:

    1. National Security — internal and external
    2. Food will be far more valuable by this time next year
    3. Food is power

The CCP has warned Chinese to stock up thick. United States Government has not said a word to Americans other than Don’t stock up, don’t ‘hoard.’ The hostile intent from USG toward Americans drips from their lips. Mark my word — the USG will try to steal the next election, later force some sort of draft, and eventually go house-to-house for contraband such as firearms, ham radios, unauthorized food, and propaganda, unless they are stopped cold.

Food is power.  Food is control.

If we continue down this path, FDA and other entities will more heavily along with CDC on mandates. “No home gardens! Gardens waste vital water during a drought! Gardens lead to starvation! Cause disease! Gardens are violence! Gardens are racist! Gardens are used to feed hidden terrorists! Burn their homes and gardens! Ban seed sales!” The sale and possession of tomato seeds literally could be considered an act of war or treason.

Tech giants run the human drones. No coincidence: tech giant Bill Gates is buying farmland and concocting weird food that he likely never will eat. Notice that Bill Gates plays on the highest edges of warfare to include: Information Warfare, and Food. WMD that don’t create fireballs or radiation.

Means and Motive for Hostile and Passive Famines, Globally

Take the Chinese vs Uighurs. During the noise and confusion of wars, information wars, real famines, pandemic’ lockdowns, and more, this is a perfect opportunity for ChiNazis (as Hong Kongers call CCP), to make a ‘final solution’ on Uighurs using famine. Next winter might be the perfect timing. China can of course cover up much of the action using industrial strength information war.

In many parts of the world, merely cutting a single river, railway, or valley road, can cause or exacerbate famine conditions.

Cutting off food and fertilizer from countries like Ukraine and Russia is one-stop shopping for setting conditions for targeted famine strikes.

Opportunistic famines, through intentional neglect, or overt hostile actions such as sea, air, and land blockades, are a thing of the near future.

Now back to work. Thank you for all your support. Because I need your support to operate:

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