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Government Center Seized in Hong Kong: History unfolding as Legislative Council seized — and I was there inside

Significant events are unfolding here in Hong Kong. (This was last night)

Last night, protestors (or maybe APs: agent provocateurs) stormed the Legislative Council building. People here often call it LegCo.

This is serious.

Equivalent in USA of storming the Congress building. In Japan, the Diet. In London, the Parliament. Needless to say, that is lethally serious. Nobody would succesfully storm and occupy the US Congress building without a massive firefight that would make D-Day look like a training exercise.

Having sensed big things were afoot in Hong Kong — of global significance — I flew to Hong Kong and got a hotel not far from the LegCo that was stormed. And so that is how I ended up here when it was stormed and making the attached video.

This is really very big, though I imagine it is hardly registering on most radars. This is a front line of war with Communist China.

The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) headquarters is just a few hundred meters from the LegCo. Just nearby from where I write these words.

There is much speculation that the invasion last night was a false flag from China to provide excuse to do another version of Tiananmen Square massacre, though likely they will do everything to avoid the cameras.

A huge question looms: Why did Hong Kong police retreat from unarmed protestors who then stormed LegCo?

If Capital Police in Washington did this and let the Congress Building be taken, we would expect to hang them all for cowardice. The commander should be stoned Iranian style for allowing something like this.

Seriously…the Hong Kong police who were armed with guns retreated and allowed LegCo to be taken. I was there. I went into LegCo.

Many are speculating that those who invaded were actually Communist operatives.

Others speculate they was a violent breakaway part of actual Hong Konger protest groups.

But why would the police retreat?

We know this: armed police retreated against unarmed invaders. That is one fact. A data point.

Who were the invaders?

They might have been authentic protestors and the Chinese Communists actually allowed them to invade in order to make a sort of semi false flag. In other words, basically never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Let them invade and occupy.

Or, another possibility: the invaders were Communist agent provacatuers and this all was planned as

It is impossible to know with certainty unless you are deeply inside the various entities.

Was this a false flag by the Chinese Communist Party, or is this truly an organic movement that will increase violence? Well, watch my video for a major clue.

On my video, you will see the invasion leader on my camera. That is my voice asking him for his nom de guerre (name of war: nickname often used by revolutionaries).

You will see him say clearly that this is a movement. And so, if this is true, and not a false flag, and he and his group make good, then we might expect a serious turn here in Hong Kong.

It is difficult to separate salt from sugar here.

Either way, the Chinese Communist Party is Godzilla. Either Godzilla just did a false flag, or a resistence is growing violent to resist Godzilla.

One thing we know for sure. Godzilla is real. Godzilla is here. Godizilla’s headquarters — well, I am writing this in the shadow of Godzilla and could be flattened at any moment.

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