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Haber-Bosch Process — and the Coming Famines

28 July 2022
Somewhere, Holland
Mind Dump

The Haber process for creating nitrogen fertilizers is over one hundred years old. This process is credited with facilitating explosive global population growth.

Billions of human lives depend on resultant fertilizers from reacting natural gas with air in huge facilities worldwide. The Haber-Bosch Process.

Significant flow interruption of natural gas imperils lives. The flash to bang is slow. When central electricity is interrupted, lights go out immediately other than those with backup systems. By contrast, the effects of LNG interruption on fertilizer can take many months to begin to feel the effects. But when those effects do arrive, BOOM.

Fertilizer creation and distribution have taken many recent hits. LNG interruptions are only one of many, such as China and other countries curbing food and fertilizer exports.

But sticking to nitrogen fertilizer production dependent on natural gas, a basic understanding of the Haber-Bosch production goes a long way to understand why interruption of Nord Stream 1 — and other natural gas disruptions — are set to worsen the coming food catastrophes. (Remember — a warning is not catastrophizing when it’s real).

This video is helpful in understanding the history of the process. At the very end, the video goes off the rails with real catastrophizing about nonsense climate emergencies. This is not to downplay real and very serious droughts such as that which might kill Las Vegas.

I reviewed about a dozen videos on Haber-Bosch before publishing this — all the videos jumped rails and eventually chanted Klimate Kult mantras. This video is no exception.

If the Kult leaders truly believe that rising seas will soon drown cities and countries, why do they invest in moving forward with Tristate City? TSC is the mega-control “smart city” proposed to fill most of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Much of the proposed TSC is at or below sea level. Kult leadership obviously does not believe in their own propaganda.

Those who live in TSC will have no secrets.

Everything you eat will be monitored.


Everything you do.

And say.

Will be monitored.

Even farm animals are not monitored that closely. Most are not, anyway.

Stalin, Mao, and other genocidal psychopaths worked hard to collect people from the countryside in order to corral them into cities to slave in factories and projects.

The many mysterious fires across America are almost the least of the problems. Energy disruptions such as LNG to fertilizer plants will unleash ultimate WMD.

We are under attack. Severe systemic attack. Interruption of Haber-Bosch production lines has a long flash to bang, but that bang will be a BOOM. BASF and other companies already are scaling back production.

Michael Yon

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  1. Building my Ark.

  2. Hi,
    Speaking as someone who is just finding out and believing this stuff, a regular guy living in and apartment with his pregnant wife going to school for a technical degree. Besides vote, what the hell am I supposed to do? Stockpile grain so I can be a Joseph from my garage? Buy a full tactical kit so I. An fight off the mob? Quit school and move to the mountains? I appreciate the prognostic effort, but what are some concrete things, I average Joe American can to alleviate the suffering to come? Go full Jocko and increase my competence/capabilities?

  3. cf. US Patent 8,778,293 producing Ammonia from air and water….

  4. “ worked hard to collect people from the countryside in order to corral them into cities to slave in factories and projects.”

    Reminds me of how the Midwest forests have became almost uninhabitable due to rampant ticks. Billions and billions of them, I have 25 or so healing scabs right now from tick bites and that was from working on a lawn mower for 30 minutes on the pavement of my parents driveway 2 weeks ago. They have a wooded farm near mammoth cave Kentucky.

    I remember as a child …40 years ago, one could walk all day to exhaustion in Ky or In in the woods and find 1 or 2 ticks. I used to pick blackberries for hours, literally wading up to my neck in weeds and go home tick free. Now in most warm weather you’d better be prepared as you can literally get covered in tick bites and even possibly become infected with a dread disease.

    So about a decade maybe 15 years ago I heard of a preposterous theory that the government had bred ticks to be much more aggressive, fecund and disease bearing. The idea was to make the countryside more inhospitable for an inevitable civil war. To make freedom fighters fleeing into the forested areas much more difficult. It was laughed off and anyone who even entertained the idea was labeled crazy. It was all due I’ve beeen told to increased numbers of white tailed deer, walking tick factories. Maybe.

    Still I wonder…..

  5. You’re missing something essential: The WEF are both puppeteers and puppets.

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