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Have You Noticed Dearth of Books on 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination Program?

Panama City, Panama

Mind-dump, sans-edit

I’ve read almost 60 books on pandemics yet not a single book on the 1976 vaccination program. There is a new book on Amazon but sounds conspiratorial.

This old volume is available on PDF and text formats. I just downloaded:

Am a huge believer in studying history. Events today are well-described in many old books. Specifics change, of course, and today the information war is powerful. But so to was information war extremely powerful during the polio vaccine debacle of the 1950s. I might argue, based on my reading in three books on Polio, that the Polio information war in the 1950s was just as powerful and overwhelming as we see today. They even had Elvis taking the jab.
Read at least five old books on pandemic. Patterns are amazingly clear. You can read five books all more than fifty or even a hundred years old and feel like you are in a time machine. Nothing has changed. Human behavior is steady.

Go back to my January and February 2020 livestreams and posts such as on Patreon. You will see how amazingly accurate my predictions have proven. Not due to brilliance. Before this pandemic, I had read about 40 books on pandemic. Am regurgitating what old people warned about, and making adjustments for faster airplanes, and incredibly fragile civilizations that live, on Just In Time food pantries. Not to mention water, medicines, more.

War and Pandemic are siblings, along with the Third Musketeer, Famine. Thus the name PanFaWar. Pandemic, Famine, War.

This current pandemic is trivial compared to many in the past, and in the future. Just a matter of time before the NBO — Next Big One — as scientists call it, rolls out across the globe.

I’m a big believer in WELL TESTED vaccines. I got many in 2019 for a return to India. Including rabies. Nobody told me to do it. There were no requirements being enforced.

But I’ve spent nearly a year in India, and between Nepal-India-Bangladesh-Sri Lanka-Bhutan-Tibet-China-Hong Kong, I’ve spent a full three+ years.

I take disease in India with utmost seriousness. India is biological mayhem. Not to mention the pandemic factory we know as the area currently called China.

In these about 60 books on pandemic I have read so far, many patterns are clear. For instance, there is always a Fauci. This time his name just happens to be Fauci. There are always rushed ‘cures’ and huge money interests, and since the advent of vaccines, there have been more vaccine errors than exploding rockets at NASA.

One lesson from my studies: Never. Take. Rushed. Vaccine.

Unless, of course, bodies piling up in the streets, in which case I might go for it. I do have a risk-benefit threshold.

We can practically smell catastrophe coming from these rushed vaccines, and I and others have been saying it since long before the first vaccine jab in December 2020. We don’t need to be virologists to see that Fauci is lying, or an Army General to see that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Miley, is marching in foolish step taking America toward Civil War.

There is a much higher skillset. And that skillset is in sorting through experts, quacks, and morally weak or compromised ‘experts like Fauci and Miley.

Perversely, there is a chance that those who rushed to vaccinate are creating a forced-evolution catastrophe. In other words, this mad dash to vaccinate may guide this viral wave into far more dangerous evolution/mutation that will do an end-run around all the vaccines, and be far more dangerous. This remains unknown.

Not to mention the potential reproductive damage and so forth. It has become clear that many people are dying and being injured by these rushed ‘vaccines.’ The numbers are unclear due to all the lying.

We’ve been through this before…most notably, but by far not alone, were rushes to polio and swine flu vaccines in the 50s and 70s.

Radicals continue to message me that I am irresponsible to first study before leaping. Their advice amounts to, “Just be a good Lemming. Follow the Piper. Keep your eyes on the watch. Shut up, close your eyes, pay me, and jump!”

I’ve been responding to some vax-radicals with, “Why are you rushing to jab Trump’s untested vaccine into your arm? You called Trump a Nazi. Yet who would force children to take untested Nazi vaccines? ‘Trust the science.’ How many ‘science’ books have you read in the past ten years? What sort of sciences would I study to learn about radiation pressure, and adaptive radiation?”

And children are constantly taught, “Just because the other children take drugs does not mean you should take drugs. If Brittany Spears jumped off a cliff, would you follow?”

Need vaccine against Cognitive Dissonance.

I want to say it possibly for the last time — maybe not for the last time — these rushed ‘vaccines’ just might go down as the worst event in human history. We simply do not know. And books will be written and people in the future will say, “Boy were they dumb.” And the future people — possibly with birth defects from this pandemic — will turn right around and keep doing same. Because that is the pattern.

Thank you for your support. I need it. Heading over to Africa soon but will be right back to Texas. Immigration research. And future people will say, “Boy were they dumb.”

Those of us who care about “the science,” and doing right thing, may have to start an entirely new country, or mass migrate to another and stake our own claim.


Michael Yon

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