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Hawaii: A Land of War, Conquest, and Slavery — until Americans Cam

16 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind dump, Sans edit

You may have seen me over the years mentioning the information war unfolding in Hawaii. This war comes with the same elements I’ve seen it in Nepal, Thailand, and dozens of other countries. Playing out now with Ainu in Japan, as an example, others in Morocco, Mexico, and all across America. Divide and culture.

Let’s get something clear: there are no “native Hawaiians” or innocent victims. The so-called native Hawaiians invaded Hawaii and took it from previous inhabitants they murdered and enslaved in the normal form of never-ending conquest humans do. Not particular to Hawaiians. But they did it. They had a kingdom.

Sailing boats got better. Explorers from around the world found Hawaii. Hawaii is a strategic gem. Someone was going to take it. Would that be England, Russia, Japan, China, France, or Germany? Who?

But rest assured, someone was going to take it. Had Russians or Chinese taken Hawaii, there would be no Brudda Iz somewhere over the rainbow. They’d all be dead or migrated. America got the gem. Lucky for Hawaiians. Imagine Russians or Chinese taking it.

China wants Hawaii. CCP. The animals who do genocide for sport. You’ve seen me mention for years that we detect signals of CCP influence on Hawaiian separatists.

It would go something like this: Hawaiians rise up. Eventually, achieve separation through some means including heavy information war. And to be clear, we straight up did steal Hawaii from Hawaiians. I do not deny this. I do believe Hawaiian claims that we stole the elections have a basis in fact. I do think we stole Hawaii fair and square in the way Biden became President. Stolen elections have consequences.

But Hawaii is in a jam. Hawaiians simply do not have the horsepower — in any sense whatsoever other than links to the United States — to stay as free as they are. If Hawaiians are suckered into achieving separation, China or someone will genocide their asses. And take their land. And then we might take it back without Hawaiians other than those who moved to the mainland.

Reality is unkind. The world is about to feel that in sharp relief during upcoming famines. Hawaii so lacks self-sufficiency that the island is like a baby sucking off America’s breast. Importing how much food? 80%? What is the real number?

Hawaiians should start thinking about something beyond independence. At this rate, huge numbers may be forced to leave the islands in the next couple of years. Of course, Obama knows this and might be prepared to buy up a bunch of little—people-land.

Who will feed Hawaii when there is not enough food on the mainland? Back to “long pig”.

When food shortages really hit, racecards will be overdrawn.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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1 Comment

  1. As expected, great reported due to accurate and honest assessment. For that, I thank you. You have shown me more information than my poor little ol’ overloaded hard drive can accommodate. But, I have gleaned enough to know that I best get ready for the coming of the monster wave headed our way. I now see it on the horizon; whereas before I was primarily looking at what was in my immediate environment the vast amount of time.
    Life is getting ready to change, big time. It’s going to be cataclysmic.
    I so hope more people are alert to what is coming and trying their hardest to get ready; although, I surmise shortly we’ll have to be playing it as it falls and no amount of planning can truly prepare the average person for what they’re about to experience. Only those who have lived through anything remotely similar can imagine. People like you and our true, old time warriors are the Americans who have seen this before.
    We’re all going to be thrust into a couple of weeks hardcore boot camp then an actual war of sorts.

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