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Hong Kong 612 — this was the day

This was the day in 2019 that I aborted research trip to India and packed for Hong Kong. I had just of own volition updated vaccines for India when I correctly and publicly in writing said these do not appear to be mere protests, but something bigger.

And so I landed in Hong Kong soon thereafter for seven months witnessed literally thousands of instances of police abuse on orders from Communists. When anti-CCP Hong Kongers broke in and occupied LegCo (Legislative Council), I was there and inside. This was equivalent attacking the US Capital. LegCo was not my first rodeo— I was present when similar happened in Thailand, only Thailand was far more deadly fighting than US and Hong Kong combined. (This will change in US. I am confident U.S. is sliding into civil war.)

In Hong Kong, I myself was attacked numerous times, sometimes on others’ livestreams. Attacks on me were trivial. Just rubber bullets a couple times and pushing and shoving by police, and many hundreds of chemical attacks. For which my various vaccines such as against rabies and typhoid were ineffective. But my excellent mask was very helpful when I could get it on in time.

By far the worst abuse was against courageous young Hong Kongers. Compound fractures. Mysterious deaths and vanishings. Knees to the neck far more brutal than that against George Floyd were common, and often caught on my own livestreams. Teenaged faces ground into roads by police knees. Terrible beatings. Teargas so thick like London Fog.

And China building a massive crematorium near Hong Kong, little of which appears online. Do you see anything about it? I would often talk about pandemic on my live streams months before This Pandemic unfolded. (Why do you talk about pandemic so often? Well…)

China reported a firebombing of Xinhua HQ. I learned about it from Gordon Chang and John Batchelor during our weekly interview. It was down the street from my hotel. After the interview, I immediately drove there and looked. Total bullshit. It was fake news. I walked inside and photographed it all before they kicked me out. Too late. I got the photos. False flag and fake news.

False flags and agent provocateurs were the norm and often were discovered.

Some ANTIFA arrived and I spent much time with them on the streets. They were studying tactics. Thus when I returned to United States, I first headed to Portland. And you would hear me pointing out “Hong Kong tactics.” The tactics are easy to spot after seven months in the fighting, when at last the communists kicked me out. Also the pandemic was starting in earnest.

I think of the Hong Kongers many times per day. We should offer asylum and citizenship to 100,000 Hong Kongers.

I saw Hong Kong tactics in Portland and other places, such as the US Capital.

Am flying to Mexico on research this morning. Adios for now. (Sorry for no-edit mind-dump.)

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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