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Hong Kong tonight: violence by police escalates

(From a few hours ago) — firing teargas grenades inside train station. Young man hit in head. Badly wounded. Separate incident tonight — young woman lost eye to police shot.

Police are dressing as protestors to make arrests. There also are obviously many false flags going on but difficult to separate fact from fiction…think Clinton/Epstein — China version.

Loads of teargas tonight. Police and China increasingly frustrated. Insurgency grows from what started as simple protests that HK government and CCP dismissed and tried to push down. Not working. The more violent the police become and the more China threatens, the stronger the protests become.

But again — this is morphing from protests to movement into something more serious. We are way beyond simple protest at this point.

China is in a jam. President Trump is dissolving the PRC economy while smiling and calling Xi a friend — which magically fools millions of people. President Trump says things like, “And my good friend President Xi…” And then punches Xi in the kidney and people say, “Look President Trump loves Xi.” They miss the part where Trump the turns around and punches Xi in the other kidney.

Meanwhile, Trump is cracking the whip on Chinese information operations within the USA. Bravo. And Hong Kongers and Taiwanese are giving the middle finger to the Chinese Communist Party. China is busy threatening everyone including India and Philippines and…long list.

China is making problems for Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Konger, American, and other university students around the globe.

We are beating China. China is in panic mode. And Hong Konger men and women are outnumbered 200:1 and still telling China to get lost.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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