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Hurricane America: You Are Here — and I am migrating to here…

United States is barreling into civil war. I predicted far back in January 2020 that 2021 would be dangerous, and as 2020 unfolded I specifically predicted roughly April-May with increasing violence through the warm months. Hotter it gets and longer days will create but one condition, as often is the case with brighter moons. Brighter the moon, the more people roll about. Commanche Moon. With modern technology, this can be put to test with smartphone tracking.

Truth is first casualty in war. Censorship is severe. There are many things that I wanted to say publicly in 2020 but did not. Such as that I bought ivermectin, HCQ, and other in March 2020. Now, in June 2021, the world is waking up. But to even mention the possibility was grounds for witch trials.

To mention my true thoughts on General Milley are grounds for censorship.

To publish unedited videos of deaths caused by migration policy is grounds for censorship.

This is life and death. We are barreling into Civil War. Even so-called right wing outlets like Breitbart are afraid of the obvious. Nobody to blame: civil wars are scary. And they are not like hurricanes that just crash through and are gone. Nearly all civil wars go for years. They leave scars — such as last civil war ended in 1865 — that still bleed more than a century later.

I cannot publish like I did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan/Korea, with censors holding a blade. When the Army did this in Iraq and Afghanistan, I did not miss a beat. I left the wire. Continued to publish dispatches which may go down in history as some of the most accurate current and predictive work on Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan/Korea.

A friend who is a famous Japanese foreign correspondent was in Washington on 06 January 2021, and published something informational on Patreon and was blocked immediately.

Patreon believes in open borders and free migration. So do I. Please move over to Locals. I want to stay on Patreon and will so long as the platform does not shut me down as they have done to so many others, but I cannot get answers to simple questions and they are clear that people of my sort are unwelcome.

I am also concerned that gratuitous censorship will lead to catastrophic lawsuits causing companies to fold.

The “network effect” is an effect wherein after creators build a readership, there is growing inertia to migration.

Accurate information is literally life and death. Especially so at this point in history.

Some folks overseas and within America are cheering the storm on. They are fools. Nobody on earth will be left untouched.

I see a fully formed civil war. Remember who accurate I was on Iraq, Afghanistan, and this pandemic. I started warning about this pandemic in January 2020. And be clear about this — anyone who says they know where this pandemic is going must be dismissed.

Even our best virologists and other scientists are in cave-man days when it comes to viruses. By comparison to photography, we are still shooting in black and white with the big hood, using dangerous flashpowder, decades before the first scratchy motion picture. Monkeys found a case of hand grenades.

In 1976, American scientists, industry, and government, outright invented a Swine Flu pandemic that did not even exist, rushed vaccines into tens of millions of Americans. The pandemic did not even exist. Total fiction.

This latest pandemic exists, but the rush…I have now read almost 60 books on pandemic. Just enough to sort through real versus bullshit scientists. Likewise with war — I can sort through the serious generals versus politicians. Which Generals like Mark Milley make simple.

This rush will almost certainly lead to catastrophe.

We should be doing everything possible to avoid civil war.

I’ve got to go. Have interview with John Batchelor in 9 minutes. Not sure if this is for CBS Radio or John’s podcast.

Please migrate. We can still vote with feet. My latest on Locals:

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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