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Important: Domestic Terrorism Activity likely pick up starting tonight

03 May 2022

A couple of reliable sources. Andy Ngo told me many ANTIFA accounts are calling for violence and plans to riot.

The euphemistically named ANTIFA is a domestic terror organization who have caused human death and much destruction while operating under the tacit approval of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, Progressives, and OGUS in general.

A Federal LE source also informs that “Democratic Socialist of America” has announced plans to riot starting at 1700PST today in major cities around America.

Bernie Sanders has not to my knowledge denounced this call to violence by “Democratic Socialists.” If you see Bernie Sanders, OGUS, or any of the Democrat Party denouncing their terrorists, please post in the comments. I will monitor.

Ostensibly this is in regard to Supreme Court and abortion law. In reality — going just a few inches out on a strong limb — eventually, a state of emergency will be declared this year. Elections and all that. This is the face of a hostile takeover.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Another day on the front lines Mike. All the best. Keep the information coming.

  2. I thought the timing on this was extremely odd. Do you think this was actually planned by the radical left? This Roe V. Wade?

    I marched in the Collier-Lee Honor Flight Parade with my DAR Chapter welcoming the Veterans Home again. Many were in wheelchairs and it was, as always, a very emotional night.

    Cindy Carter

    • The enemy already has too many juggling pins in the air. Adding another will only make a total shtf collapse more likely. It is like adding another car to one of those dozen car freeway pileups. The antifa/blm trained mobs were stood down after 2020 in order to allow the enemy to consolidate power through official governance . Since the enemy controls all of the mechinisms of governance, having riotous street mobs defying official authority is counter productive. They have made less progress than planned in getting their policies implemented while in power and they have alienated the bulk of the electorate in pushing their agenda on an unwilling America. They may well have planned it, but going back to the 2020 “Resist” plan while they are still the party in power is not likely to pay off for them.

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