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Important Message to Hong Kong Patriots — this video compilation is from a small part of the attacks and stampede last night

Eric, Karl, Tommy, I, and many others were there through the night. I live streamed many attacks.

In addition to last nights brutal attacks by Hong Kong Police — I have been in more than 80 other major Hong Kong “protests” since June and witnessed hundreds of police attacks.

Before that, I spent years in wars and conflicts such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, others. Before that I was in the US Army Special Forces. I am on a first name basis with violence and death.

Since July, I have warned about compressions and stampedes. I often photograph/video shoes left behind on the battlefields after compressions and stampedes.

A compression occurs when the density of Patriots is too much for everyone to run at full speed. Anything less than full speed running is starting into compression.

Remember…the Raptors and Riot Police are running full speed. Their running space between the lines is uncompressed. Just air.

I’ve witnessed hundreds of Patriot arrests due to even slight compressions.

The more compression, the slower you go. Tighter compression slow running to jogging, then to walking, and then finally into stampede, which happens especially quickly when Patriots funnel onto narrow side streets, increasing compression. I have seen this happen many times.

During very tight compressions, and stampedes, many shoes will be left on the ground. Remember last night during my live feed I was showing all the shoes on the ground.

After my live feed, I photographed many more shoes. People always lose gloves and other items. I watch for shoes, backpacks, and very expensive items. But especially for shoes. This was true in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, and now here.

Last night was a recipe for compression, and stampede.

Stampede is just compression that has exploded and people start falling. If you fall, you die, or are injured.

Last night:

1) It was dark
2) There was huge amounts of glass, bricks, other obstacles on the ground.
3) Road was slippery from detergent used in molotovs, or other substances
4) Police must have fired a thousand rounds of teargas through the night, not to mention heavy fire from rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and more. (One almost fired his M-16. I was making video.)
5) Police used vans at high speed to compress and stampede Patriots. the My video of the van attack went viral:

I have warned for months about compressions and stampedes. Last night was terrible with many casualties.

Police prevented for 4-5 hours casualties going to hospitals. Eric, Karl, and I, are witness and were making video.

One female Patriot had compound fracture of arm and police kept her for at least 4 hours before letting ambulance take her, despite there were about 26 ambulances just short meters away. Hong Kong Police are torturing Patriots, and beating mercilessly helpless Patriots who are not resisting.

Reduce compressions by:

1) Do NOT attempt to hold ground
2) Keep Patriot Density low
3) USE WHISTLES to signal
4) Stop using slippery chemicals that can do…you know what slippery does
5) Glass from molotovs is terrible
6) Stop throwing molotovs — these have little effect and ChiNazis are using these in propaganda, and you cannot throw worth shit and you keep catching each other on fire
7) The bricks increase compression
8.) Keep the streets and side street escape routes clear when they are your escape routes. Even a single umbrella on the ground causes escape friction.

Patriots are still under siege at PolyU, right now.

STAY STRONG. You are amazing. Courageous. Inspiring. You are winning major battles in the press, and this can lead to harsh actions from the US government.

You took many casualties and the ChiNazis took many prisoners last night.

I have video (unpublished) of nearly everyone arrested. Their faces are clearly visible. If you want me to publish this video, SAY IT LOUD AND CLEAR HERE. I will put in 4k on my YouTube if enough Patriots want that video public.

I have video of casualties with their faces who were denied hospital transport 4-5 hours. Some prisoners and patients said their names though Hong Kong police were threatening them.

DO YOU WANT THIS VIDEO PUBLIC? If so, say it loud and clear in comments below.

Important: all this is self-funding. All based on donations. This is how I worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan, more. I must have help to help you.

Please translate this to Cantonese.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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