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Induced PTSD — Information War


24 December 2022

Mind dump:

Dave Chapelle saying something I see a great deal with our veterans: Gaslighting.

There is an obvious, open, concerted effort to persuade our vets and service members they are crazy. That they have PTSD. And should take drugs to help. You know…like the trick with AZT for HIV, or Remdesivir for Fauci Flu. The ‘cure’ is either the actual disease, or worse than the disease, The real disease is Gaslighting.

“You are crazy. Everyone can see it!”

Gaslighting has been attempted many times on me. By clowns trying to persuade me I have PTSD. And I do not. Period. And get out of my face with those drive-by, idiotic diagnoses. I do have PTCD: Pre-Traumatic Clown Disgust. I don’t like clowns and their diagnosis. Those same clowns push death-jabs. “Vax deniers are crazy! Evil!”

And the clowns respond to denials of having PTSD with stock answers: “Denial is evidence of PTSD. People with severe PTSD typically deny they have PTSD. Your denial is symptomatic. I’ll give you a prescription.”

And then you REALLY are crazy. From the drugs. Maybe do a school shooting or two while they blame the gun. The real ‘gun’ is the drug. The drug hit the veins due to gaslighting.

I have never gone to a psychologist and never felt the urge to. Yet the drive-by gaslighting continues. And so many of my veteran friends tell me about their visits to the crazy psychologists who give them drugs. I say get the hell off those drugs. Stop drinking. Absorb the real cure for a thousand ailments —sunlight, walking, go to church or something positive.

You might not believe how many of our special operations folks start up with the PTSD thing. Most sound brainwashed. They have ‘PTSD’ because they were told they must have it, can get paid for it, and off they go to the pharma world and actually at that point do start to sound crazy. Because they are on drugs! And have been persuaded they are crazy.

They might be great warfighters but many of their minds are wet clay in the face of a trained information warrior. Another martial art.

Yesterday, a friend who is a recently retired military officer, told me about a Chinese doctor in our military medical system who was trying to both create in my friend anger against our country, and to recruit my friend. A Chinese doctor who denied my friend disability claims and then in the same room tried to transmute and recruit any resentment or anger into a weapon for treason. My friend said he reported this to FBI. Which FBI of course will do nothing useful.

I published about this gaslighting and industrial disassembly line more than ten years ago. The idea of PTSD is incentivized by actual disability payments and so forth, and weaponized. I strongly sense that many of our people who think they suffer from PTSD actually suffer from weaponized gaslighting.

The first cure for PTSD is to fire your psychologist and toss away those drugs. No alcohol. Flush that shit down the toilet. Find new friends.

Listen to Dave Chapelle — truth spoken.


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  1. I heard first hand from a friend who was sent to the Gulf war. He was in the National Guard. His specialty was blowing up things.
    He said, on the way home. An officer(I do not know his rank) passed out papers and told them if they marked that they had PTSD their benefit package would increase. I can not remember the amount.
    He goes to see a shrink at the VA every month. Has several antidepressants. He is a heavy drinker, and gets violent when drinking. Has been arrested several times for domestic abuse.
    So terrible what happens to our vets. But they will wheel them out & make a big deal on patriotic holidays. When the truth is care nothing of them.
    All this money sent to Ukraine…How many Americans, especially our vets could be helped.
    I saw you on The Highwire today. I agree with everything you said.
    Thank you & God bless.

  2. Damn right, stay strong Michael! And btw even if you had PTSD it’s not like it just makes you stupid or unable to see reality clearly or process it healthily yourself. Seeing evil doctors kill kids with a death shot in broad daylight would be enough to give most people PTSD anyways and the more you are exposed to this brutal information war the easier it is to accumulate trauma because of all the insane evil taking place but Yes, sunlight, exercise, loving family or friends will get you through it. Not big pharma drugs. Laughable people use the PTSD line solely to get you hooked on big pharma drugs. The same big pharma thats killing people in broad daylight AS WE SPEAK, right NOW! in 2023! ITS WILD! Thank you MICHAEL!!!!

  3. The only weapon against the many lies is truth.

    More than 2000 years ago a baby was born that later claimed to be truth itself, the personification of truth:

    “I am the way and the truth and the life”

    Later again this person was again asked, this time by Pontius Pilate; “What is truth?”

    I understand that only through this person, the man-God, we can find truth and life. But on the other side, I still do not fully understand.

    At least it helps me to remain sceptical towards what the powers of our time tell us. And I see that my neighbors who claim to be sceptic, rational, and atheists, are actually naively believing in everything, just because somebody put a “science”-sticker on it.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  4. I 100% agree with you Michael. My brother was extremely stressed out working a 12 hour a day job with a 2 hour commute both ways. He went to the doctor that prescribed him medication for depression and anxiety. He ended up quoting his job and filing for disability because he could no longer function or complete simple tasks.
    About 12 years later his teeth turned black and broke off. His dentist said it was a side effect of one of his medications. About 5 years later he had to have some heart stents put in, due to side effects of another one of his medications.
    It was difficult to communicate with him because he couldn’t track the conversation.
    It has been 22 years like this. However, about two years ago he weaned himself off all medication and started eating clean unprocessed foods and walking a few miles everyday. He is now working again and participating in society and with his family. He has completely changed.
    It is pretty much the same story for my mother who died in 2007 from Alzheimer’s. Stay away from medication and you have a shot at living a long healthy life.

  5. Keep fighting the good fight brother. I think you have something there… if theres one thing the kungflu taught us all, is there is no depth, no depravity, no line our political class will not cross, to get another dollar. They all need to be exterminated. The lid is boiling off the pot, lay low.

  6. Exactly right about the narrative engineers–AND thanks to people like you and Dave Chappelle, maybe their control IS past its zenith. Thank you. Merry Christmas

    • Merry Christmas to you.

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