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Israel and Vax-icide

Just watched this video.

The RFK book on Fauci goes into detail here. Israel may have committed vax-suicide. If not direct corporeal suicide, the conditions and context created by mass-vax may ultimately be the primary if not the proximate cause of downfall and eventual military defeat. And they will mass migrate to the only country that will take them safely, and vote again and push again for the next idiocy, much as progressives and other authoritarians do. Turns out, Israel never really was free. At the most important moment, Israel showed authoritarian colors no better than Canada or anyone else. Never Again was a farce.

The Jewish people have brought more positive to this world than almost any other. And, at times, more embarrassing stupidity and herd instinct

Dr. Zelenko is an American hero and medical hero of humanity.

There are others. Many. The others, like Dr. Zelenko, possess great moral courage and foresight. I have a theory that this sort of moral courage is only born of love. My theory is that one must love others more than self to stand ground like this, in this context. Dr. Zelenko — and many others, such as the Truckers — are standing in the breach. First holding ground, then taking ground.

I am considering flying to Poland. I will not go to help Poland if I am required to take a CCP virus test before going, or on arrival. I love Poland and respect Polish people. I lived there for two years. I will not suffer fools in power. Stand with Zelenko, Truckers who joined the Convoy, Military members who refused the jab, and millions of others of Our People. People who never ask for freedom. We take it.

The video clip can be found here.


Michael Yon

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  1. Mr. Yon. Review the history of the Biblical Jewish kings turned Despots. Most recent is our Chanukah story, the events of which are chronicled in Maccabi’s 1 and 2. The Hasmonion High priest violated Torah Law by being both High Priest and King. His successors became the tyrants. Nothin new under the Sun. Just another point time when it repeats.

  2. The twitter account has been suspended. Can you summarize what you’ve seen? I really am not following what you are saying here.

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