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Klaus Schwab Bragging about Burning Down the World

08 August 2022
Amsterdam, Holland
Mind Dump

Klaus Schwab brags about destroying billions of lives. The situation in Europe is becoming more tense. I will stay for one more month, sensing the ground. The storm likely will hit here harder before it hits the United States with full force.

Numerous people have asked me about Peter Zeihan. Smart guy but missing incredibly important points. For instance, Zeihan is openly pro-jab, and at this point, that is just fantastically stupid, at best.  I read his recent book cover to cover — Zeihan brushes off the invasion of the United States. Incredibly stupid, at best.

Peter Zeihan is wrong about the USA not being in danger of famine. The USA definitely could face famines, and I would put this chance at over 50%. Zeihan does not seem to have studied famine enough and might not see the clear path to American famine. I see a clear and probable path to regional famines within the United States. (Btw, during famines, the inevitable semantic arguments begin about ‘food crisis’ vs. buzzard-feast famines.) I see multiple clear paths to US-regional crisis within our borders that create mass migrations within the United States. Extreme violence exacerbates the food/energy spiral.

Just finished two days at the Science Summit in Amsterdam. Many more meetings with scientists and others who are either here or coming over.

My interviews on War Room and with Chris Martenson, Jordan Peterson, Epoch Times, and many others are getting much traction and attention to the plight in Europe. This place will explode sometime in 2023, if not earlier. Schwab brags about it.

We all come from family lines who have survived endless wars, famines, pandemics, and madmen. Prune your networks of people who cut fun of preppers. We have no time for them.

We see war kicking up in Israel. This is the golden chance for hordes to destroy Israel. We may find out if Israel has nuclear weapons or just a rabbit in the box.

Taiwan — notice that the world is not rushing to help.

Japan must invest heavily in food security. Japanese are asleep and may starve to death for that error.

Big boy rules are in effect.

Thank you for your support. I greatly need it. Nobody is paying me to shill for the jab or cover up our border invasion. I began warning about the greatly increased potential for Global Famine in January 2020. 

Click here to help support this fight.

This is no-shit, very serious. There will be Global Famine with extreme loss of life and war.

We are at war. This is one of our enemies.

But even Schwab is just a shill and bagman.

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, at the Davos Agenda, Switzerland, in January 2021 Salvatore Di Nolfi—EPA-EFE/Shutterstock


Michael Yon

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  1. Michael, do you have any insight into who Schwab is shilling for? Who’s the really dangerous puppet master(s) to keep an eye on?

    Great work. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Who pulls Schwab’s puppet strings?

  3. Replay of The Forgotten Man – Amity Shales.

  4. Build your ark BEFORE it rains. Pray, prep, vote.

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