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Lithuanian Border Crisis Growing Fast

My estimate from here on the ground and talking with all the right people, including many migrants: This is about to explode.

Lithuania needs help fast. Right now. At this rate, my guess is that Lithuania will lose control of this within one month. NATO and EU need to step in. US can provide significant help without much costs, such as intelligence and lift.

Lithuania will quickly be overwhelmed if Belarus keeps pumping. Poland is not letting migrants pass through. And so Lithuania is set to be an island at the edge of the European Union.

Lithuania has fewer than three million citizens. About same as Chicago. This situation can quickly destabilize our Lithuanian partner.

My friend Chuck Holton made this video on the border, at a camp, and in other parts of Lithuania. This is all accurate in tone and fact. I was there with Chuck and am still here. We both are heading back into Darien Gap this week.

Many of the migrants are Yezidi people. Most migrants I interview here or in other countries have no honest claim for asylum. But Yezidi people do have an honest claim. I am unclear if Yezidi could live in peace in another part of Iraq such as deeper inside the Kurdish region, but the situation is clear that Yezidi are in danger at home. I have been in Yezidi villages in Iraq. I was there without Soldiers or guns. Yezidi represent no danger to Americans or Europeans.

I would vote to take some Yezidi to America, and 100,000 Hong Kongers. But I would also kick out nearly everyone who crossed the border illegally this year.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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