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Long Pig

Now on Chinese social media. “Human meat eating guide”
Avoid brain, lungs, liver. BBQ ribs, slow cook or soup the rest.

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  1. Red China is not the USA. Regardless of what the leftists like to tell you about radical egalitarianism.

  2. Soylent Green, mmm delish. Movie was set in the future, 2022. Hmmm??

  3. We should have expected this…..

    After all, the movie “ SOLYENT GREEN” takes place in the year 2022 !!!

  4. “…tell them… Soylent Green is people…” Charletan Heston

  5. From useless eaters to commodity in one easy step, only requiring a slight perceptual change and a dash of starvation.

    Most humans are morally bankrupt enough to consider this a viable alternative, and more than capable of rationalizing this as “good for the planet”.

    Long Pork, the other, other white meat.

  6. Have the chinese hierarchy seen “Fargo”? Great movie. Best scene is when Steve Buscemi’s character gets caught feeding his partner into a wood chipper. We have lots of woodchippers over here. Big ones. You could run a whole Battalion of chinese KIA thru one in a couple hours. Back atcha china.

  7. Thanks for the lin MIke!

    I was thinking of roasting up the neighbor’s kids–now I have a good guide.

  8. The protein choice for a new generation…..

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