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Madeisy’s Journey: Two of the Dead Migrants who died passing though Darien Gap — total seems to be about 12 dead, others raped, all robbed

IMG 1933

Panama City, Panama

Yon-genre mind-dump, sans edit

Madeisy and her Mother contacted us last night. Chuck Holton took the call. They provided exact location via GPS. I will not reveal their location other than Nicaragua. They are making fast progress to America.

Madeisy (16) is with her brother Miguel (12) and their Mother. According to conversation with Chuck, they have not eaten in two days and last night slept on a floor. We last saw them in Colombia and began tracking from there.

They are Haitian and native language is Creole. All three also speak Spanish, having spent the past couple years in South America. We first met up with the family in Nicocli, Colombia as they were preparing to enter Darien Gap.

We lost contact for about 27 days until finally Madeisy pinged our partner, Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha, who had just arrived back in Japan. Masako alerted me in Panama, I alerted Chuck Holton. Chuck’s Spanish is fluent and so Chuck is handling direct comms. (Masako was with us on the border in Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama.)

The Madeisy Batista family had good income source in Chile. They arrived to Colombia with iPhones, mother had expensive jewelry, and they seemed happy. Madeisey and Miguel were energetic and happy on 03 March in Nicocli when Masako and I were talking with them. (Especially Masako, who took lead.) All said they liked Chile and were doing well. They were not skinny.

Biden was elected.


Start gun in a race to America.

The Batista family pulled stakes from Chile, headed north, where we met them per chance in Colombia at the southern edge of Darien Gap.

Darien Gap is about 60 miles of roadless, lawless jungle between Colombia and Panama. Some of the most dangerous jungle in the world. The Rape Jungle. Jungle of Death.

Migrants carried water jugs. None that I asked carried water filters, iodine tablets, or any other method for safeguarding drinking water. A potentially lethal mistake.

As best we can tell at this point, water is likely the source for about 12 deaths in their group. We have no solid information but this is what we have from Chuck’s conversation with Madeisy and her Mother.

Roughly 12 died.

1) One man drowned.

2) Two women swept away by river.

3) One baby, pictured above, died after reaching edge on Panama side.

4) Others died of illness or something other than violent death. Neither Madeisy nor Mother mentioned anyone being murdered.

5) Two women who died were pregnant. We likely have photos of them before they left Colombia.

IMG 1933

Madeisy and Mother have been transmitting to Chuck more videos and photos but are having data problems. We have others video and photos that we have not published.

Mother said men emerged from jungle in the Darien with M-4, M-16, and AK-47 rifles. People notoriously get the nomenclature wrong. Chuck, former Army Ranger and now a war correspondent, audited Mother’s words as they conversed. Chuck believes she knows the difference. Chuck said if the attackers had M-4s and M-16s, they likely are narcos.

Madeisy and Mother report that the women were robbed but Madeisy was spared when her Mother handed over gold necklace. Bandits did not steal iPhones because they could not use iPhones. The other women were raped.

Mother told Chuck where they plan to cross into America.

We will not reveal time nor place.

We will fly ahead to intercept.

We are neither helping nor will we hinder.

We all three are starting to root for the family to make it to America even though being terribly against mass-exodus migration. We hope they make it but will not help. We hope they make it even though we are working to slow this migration.

On the Colombia side, we saw one woman in a wheelchair who would attempt to cross. She was with her 17 year-old brother. Chuck warned not to go, saying she would die.

According to Madeisy and Mother, Wheelchair woman made it! The 17 year-old man carried his sister on his back all the way through Darien Gap. Heroic effort. If this story pans put, this man deserves honorary American-hood.

Though we all are against what is happening, we just can’t help rooting for the underdogs moving against the odds. That said, many of the young men seem like straight up gangsters and criminals that I do not under any circumstances want in America. Some of the young men threatened both Chuck and I. The looks in their eyes — we don’t want them in America.

This HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — is sucking children through Darien Gap. Eventually, those who survive, may be ‘harvested’ from parents and sold. Did you see the video of two children being dropped over the New Mexico border fence? Scroll down on my Patreon.

Time to go. I am moving today. Please excuse any errors. This is not edited.

THANK YOU FOR ALL SUPPORT. I need it greatly. This is expensive. YOU keep this channel alive.

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