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Michael Moore Lawsuit

Due to many meetings and holiday travel, I am still working on pieces about the incredible U.S. soldiers who took me on some dangerous missions in December.  Also, my trip with Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, harvested important information.  I can say this about Gates, as someone who will spend a lot of time on the battlefields this year, I am very happy that both President Bush and President-Elect Obama tapped Gates on the shoulder.  Gates is a winner who is watching out for our service members as well as the United States.  I also had a long and important meeting with General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey.  His trip reports from Iraq and Afghanistan have been brutally honest.  I have great respect for this American warrior.  I had other important meetings in Washington with thought leaders such as David Kilcullen, Ph.D., and I met with Fred Kagan, Ph.D., in Bahrain.  I saw Fred Kagan on an elevator and immediately asked for a meeting, which proved valuable to me.  Over the past few weeks I’ve also talked with very high-ranking U.S. officers about Iraq and Afghanistan.  My confidence on Iraq continues to grow.  Still, there is much concern about Afghanistan-Pakistan.

During my trip to Washington, D.C., I had a chance to catch up on some matters neglected while I was overseas.  My attorney may have to file a lawsuit against Mr. Michael Moore.  In May we contacted Mr. Moore, through his counsel, about Mr. Moore’s unauthorized use of my work on his website.  He did not respond.  My attorney has written again.  If Mr. Moore and his counsel continue to ignore our correspondence, we will proceed with a lawsuit. 

This lawsuit, though, should not be a distraction from combat reporting; the proceedings should be easy and require almost zero hands-on work from me.  But it will be potentially costly.  I’ve never sued anyone in my life.  Looks like Mr. Moore might be the first.  I told one very important person recently about the possible upcoming lawsuit and he said something like, “Someone should drive a stake through that guy’s heart.”  It won’t be that bad, but copyright cases are interesting and we have to deal with them often.  If you want to help me as I both prepare to return overseas and take on this lawsuit with Mr. Michael Moore, please hit the PayPal button.  This lawsuit could be expensive for Mr. Moore, as well.  My attorney advises that our position is strong.  It is senseless for Mr. Moore to ignore this matter.

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Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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