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Minor Prep makes HUGE DIFFERENCE

06 December 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas

Met a lady yesterday in Texas who told me about the terrible ice storm last year. She was stuck in her home for roughly one week.

Zero preparations.

No propane heater.
No gas stove.
Little food.
No bucket-toilet. No kitty litter.

Said her toilet quickly was full and gross. She scrunched her face when recounting that part.

No water. Discovered melting snow is not a great way to get water. Especially when you have no energy. After days of zero power, when rolling power came on, she tried to melt snow quickly until power would black out.

No way to heat food without grid electricity. But had no food anyway other than a couple of days.

One flashlight. One set of batteries. Ran out of batteries.

No radio. No comms at all. Incoming or outgoing.

Stayed in bed for several days not to freeze to death. No cold weather gear.

Her home was completely intact. With just minor prep she would have been comfortable.

I asked if she is ready for this winter. Does she have a small gas heater? Food? She said the event was very rare and she hopes it will not happen again.

I mentioned that for $300 in preparation she would have sailed through in comfort. Her tattoos cost more than wool and will not keep her warm.

But this will:


    1. Mr. Heater gas heater + gas stove


    1. Bucket toilet/kitty litter


    1. 2x Battery lanterns/batteries


    1. 10 days food/water


And that little kit can just wait in a closet.

My words flew by. None stuck. She said that was once in a lifetime.

Preparation means awaken

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.


  1. My Mother was raised during the depression. (born 1921)She raised me like it was still going on, I’m 65 now.
    My Grandparents had a small farm, milk cows, chickens & pigs. We always had a big garden. I learned to can when I was a preteen with the pressure caner. I worked in the garden & milked cows as soon as I was big enough.
    I learned before you throw something away, see if it has any other use. Or take it apart & save the good parts. You may need them.
    During my work in construction, I lived in a RV & always had a container garden to have fresh vegetables. I would go to the farmers Market & buy some thing to can.
    People don’t realize you can grow potatoes in a laundry basket. They won’t be huge, but will be plenty with just one sprouted spud. Lettuce in a flower pot. There are many things you can grow even if you live in an apartment. Onions & garlic too.
    It doesn’t take much to be prepared. I think of it as not only a mindset, but a lifestyle.
    we are living in very uncertain times. If you follow the beast, you may have something. I follow God, and I will have my needs met, when I apply myself.
    God Bless

  2. Take prepping to the next level. Prep for the people that don’t prep. How?

    Non-iodized salt will help you preserve that usefully protein when they come to your door expecting handouts.

  3. We got hit by a mean ice storm back in 1974. My dad, who never let anything sneak up on him, was prepared. He cranked the heat way up and the refrigerator way down in anticipation of losing power. We had a gas stove, a fireplace and plenty of candles so we were all set when the power went out. Dad went across the street to check on a new neighbor who was sitting in the dark, attempting to open a can of soup with an electric can opener. He didn’t even have a match or a flashlight. Dad brought him home, fed him a hot meal and several glasses of whiskey, propped him in front of the fire and thawed him out. I learned a great deal that day

  4. Beto voter.

  5. Some folks just a won’t make old bones.
    Can’t fix stupid.

  6. “Once in a lifetime”, assuming you don’t survive! Here in NH I heat w/wood, have kero lamps & enough food to last a year. 24 acres of forested land. An ice storm here is a welcome vacation!

  7. Survived ice storm ‘94 in Memphis! 10 days no power in February. Prepped here! Takes little effort & so worth it! Thanks for all you do for this country!

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