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Mountain of Death — Darien Gap: Chuck Holton just sent this from Ukraine

04 June 2022
South Texas
Mind Burst, sans edit

I just called Chuck in Ukraine asking how things are going. Food prices are very high but available in Kyiv. Some luxury stores open. Chuck is about to do a live hit on Newsmax in about five mins.

We talked about Darien Gap, Panama. Chuck sent this — Senafront helping aliens over the Mountain of Death. Chuck and I have been all around Darien Gap. Senafront is Panamanian Border Patrol/Police. More like Army, actually. Very professional outfit. I deal with Senafront regularly. Senafront stands out for professionalism.

OGUS is encouraging and facilitating Panama to push more aliens through Darien Gap to the United States.

Mountain of Death is one of the most difficult parts of the journey.

My estimate is that by late December 2022 and into January 2023 there will be a massive influx of aliens through Darien that likely will start to hit Texas/Arizona and the rest of America in about February. The flow is already massive — maybe 500-700 days now in the rainy season (including all Panama routes — some circumvent Mountain of Death), but come 2023 this likely will be in thousands per day.

Several reasons.

— OGUS is intentionally making the route easier and faster
— OGUS and others have helped create conditions for global famine: War in Ukraine being one of many issues
— Dry season in Darien Gap starts in about late December making passage far easier

The Great Replacement is real. This is war. We are being invaded.

While baby formula is short across America, millions of dollars worth of supplies/support including baby formula are provided to alien invaders each week in America.

Thank you for your support. I need it to operate:

Michael Yon

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  1. What is OGUS?

    • Occupied Government of the United States

  2. The link to the June 3 “Old Britannica …” article is broken

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