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OGUS Setting Stage for e-money and e-rationing.

14 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind burst, sans edit

OGUS is setting the stage for e-rationing.

Attacking babies with a contrived shortage evokes an emotional anchor to force people into an emotional corner.

OGUS mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, a victim of ‘educational-violence’, rigorously double-majored in English and Sociology and carries deep scars of liberal arts educational-violence.

Evidence her public affect. Only ten percent of her facial muscles appear operational. Just enough for quick fake smiles as she flirtatiously…dangerously some might say, flips her hair back over her tiny malformed ears.

Psaki, unburdened by education or complex thoughts, surrounded by opulence, exists smugly in bimbo-land vacuum, devoid of useful skills or education. A perfect little teacher’s pet. Conniving Marxist tattletale.

Can’t make an omelet without cracking some babies.

Psaki blames ‘hoarders’ for lack of baby formula as she pushes the narrative to send 40 billion more dollars in American labors into the US-Russia war in Ukraine. Accelerating the global famine. A famine is on schedule to begin this year and devastate much of the world in 2023-24 and beyond. After that 40 billion, they will demand another harvest of American wealth and blood to defend Ukraine, the country that paid off crack-addict Biden and “The Big Guy.”

Note: All governments always blame hoarders for the food shortages during famine. All. Always. They cause the events. Then blame the victims. They institute price controls, rationing systems, and start raiding homes and others for ‘hoarding.’ Expect raids in the future. Remember they did the same with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment like masks and gloves) at outset of the pandemic. AFTER the government had depleted strategic inventories Before the pandemic).

This is an attack. We are under attack.

Meanwhile, here in Panama, the Darien Gap is being prepared for a fantastic surge in ‘migration’ later this year. Dry season begins in December/January and will coincide with serious onset of famine in areas around the world. Famine will create increased HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — that will pump massive invasion into the United States as our coffers are bled dry, American babies have no formula, and our own food supply thins by the hour.

Predictably, there already are proposals to send American food inventories abroad to assuage famine. This is a fool’s game. At best. At worst this is another form of direct attack. After all, we simply do not have enough food. Period. They will still starve to death a little later, or be energized to move somewhere else such as to America to help Americans starve to death.

The United States is creating conditions for actual famine in the United States. Famine as in not just food shortages but people eating people and people being eaten by birds.

Those who have read my work for years know that when I talk like this the general form of the “thing” is already baked in. It’s coming. I will be fine because I prepared, as have millions of others. Our greatest threats are OGUS and the unprepared.

Thank you for your support. I am up to something and I need it:

Michael Yon

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  1. Occupied Government

  2. What does OGUS mean? Oligarchs of the US? Hmm.

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