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Our Muslim Friends Suffer, Too

SGM Mohemmed al-Ahbab

From: Mellinger Jeffrey J CSM MNF-I CSM
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 10:20 AM
To: SPC Jason Clark (MNF-I CSM Gunner); SFC Caprecia A Miller; CSM Frank Graham (1st Bde 1 AD); IT3 Joshua D Carter (ITSN Naval Subase NLON,Communications); SGT Ben Harless; IT1 Robert Parker (MNF-I CSM Commo); PFC David Belfiore (MNF-I CSM PSD); SGT Carson Rowe (MNF-I CSM PSD); SGT Christopher Hathaway (MNF-I CSM PSD); SGT Nicholas McManus (MNF-I CSM PSD Medic); SGT Nicholas Stirrett (MNF-I CSM PSD); SPC David MacDonald (MNF-I CSM Driver); SPC Jeremy Worthy (MNF-I CSM Driver); SPC Joshua Wathen (MNF-I CSM PSD); SPC Marc Paugh (MNF-I CSM PSD); SPC Michael Clark (MNF-I CSM Driver); SPC Nolan Lovett (MNF-I CSM PSD); SPC Richard Cabeceiras (MNF-I CSM PSD); SSG Kim N Robinson (MNF-I CSM Patrol Leader); SSG Lanretta L. Covington (MNF-I CSM EAA)
Subject: [U] RIP: SGM Mohemmed al-Ahbab, ICTF

I am sorry to tell you that Sergeant Major Mohemmed al-Ahbab, of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (ICTF) was killed during a mission.

He was a warrior, a patriot, a friend and a frequent traveler with the Lion 7 crew.  I will miss him, as I know you will.  Please pass this to all those whose life he touched, but keep it from others as he still has family here.
The fight continues.

CSM M—–Original Message—–
From: Far North Mellingers
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 7:56 AM
To: Mellinger, Jeffrey J CSM MIL USA AMC
Subject: RIP SGM Mohemmed al-Ahbab, ICTF

SGM Mohemmed al-Ahbab was a member of the ICTF and Iraqi Special Forces (ISF).  He rode many miles with me and my crew, and was right in the middle of any fray we had, moving quickly to the sounds of the guns.  The Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (ICTF) was on everyone’s hit list, as they were fighting for Iraq, and against all who were not for Iraq first.  The ICFT killed plenty of Anti-Iraqi Forces (AIF) and Al Qaeda – Iraq (AQI), and I was privileged to go on many raids and operations with them.  I was never afraid of them – they were patriots and fierce fighters.

To soften the blow to the Lion 7 team, the above email reflects what I told them.

The truth is, he was captured leaving his Sadr City (Tharwa) home.  His brothers had been captured, tortured and killed while refusing to disclose his location.  His father suffered the same fate. Finally, Mohammed himself was captured coming back from leave.

For the next four days, sadistic Shi’a bastards (and he was himself Shi’a) beat him to the point of opening tissue and breaking major bones, used electric drills to drill every major joint (elbows, knees, ankles, shoulders), several locations in his skull, and every rib.  Not to leave a single nerve unexposed, they used a Sawz-all to cut a notch from his bottom jaw, four teeth wide, and to the jut of his chin.  Still, he lived.

Still alive after four days of this, he was shot twice in the head.  He was bruised and swollen almost beyond recognition, but a tattoo revealed his identity.

A couple of weeks later, I was called by the CSM of the USSF element at the Radwaniyah Palace Complex (RPC) in Baghdad, and asked if I wanted to come along on the raid to kill/capture the rat bastards that had tortured and killed Mohemmed.  Well, of course!

SGT Duncan, SGM Mohemmed, SPC Jason 'Big' Clark CSM Mellinger & SGM Mohamad at the Al Fathah pipeline crossing, 29 March 2006

CSM Mellinger, SGM Mohemmed’s friend, tells me that those who killed Mohemmed were killed in the raid.

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