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Pay Attention! Hot Summer Ahead in America, and 2022 will be far more serious

Panama City, Panama

Yon Genre Mind-dump, sans edit

This is a stream of consciousness. Thank you for not grading grammar. Or coherence.

Am preparing to head with some folks into the jungle. Likely Friday. I may be without communications for several days. If I vanish, I’ll be back.

The United States is heating up. Rewind to my cautions in 2019, and especially in January 2020 about pandemic from China. (See the link attached above.)

Since fall of 2020, I warned many times, specifically, that April 2021 would start serious violence in the United States. Witness now. It’s starting. Again, some folks try to mind read and say, “You predict violence because you want it.” This is foolish. This is accusing a doctor warning about smoking because the doctor wants to spread lung cancer.

I am warning and warning and warning that we are steaming straight into civil war. War sucks, to put it lightly. And it rarely turns out how anyone predicts, other than bad.

Many folks ask me about specific sparks. What could spark it? This is akin to asking which raindrop will case the flood. Which mosquito ? brought the malaria. It’s about conditions.

It’s about conditions.

You will often hear military professionals — the serious professionals, not to be confused with careers — talking about conditions.

Medical professionals using similar language. Serious economists, too. Or old wise men like Thomas Sowell. Dr. Sowell understands conditions and culture. Interesting thing about Dr. Sowell is that he is an academic. I travel far more than Dr. Sowell, but Dr. Sowell describes very accurately things I see around the world. When I read his words or hear Dr. Sowell talk, I say, “Yes, this is true yet again.” Dr. Sowell is very accurate.

Such as overseas Chinese thriving wherever their seed lands, but not thriving so well in China. Likewise with Indians and India.

Pre-existing conditions. In the United States, conditions for internal conflict are increasing.

But what will the spark be? Does not matter. It’s about the conditions. When conditions are set, a spark will arrive. More accurately, there always are sparks, but sparks do not go far in a rainforest, or in a desert without fuel.

It’s about general health. Doctors don’t try to tell us which specific germ will get us. They talk more about setting conditions for health. Such as keeping clean, eating well.

Likewise the forestry experts will talk about conditions for wildfires. Dry forest. Uncleared undergrowth. No Indians managing the fuel load with traditional burns.

Not coincidentally, am reading a book on rise and fall of Comanches. There is knowledge in this about the current border situation, though the book was not written for this.

There is much echo. The book is EMPIRE OF THE SUMMER MOON. How many times in Afghanistan did you hear me warn about moon phase? Taliban are as skilled as Comanche.

Sam Houston, President of Texas, respected Comanches. Many people were suspicious of Houston for this, just as others seemed suspicious of the great Teddy Roosevelt for respecting Japanese so much. I find myself in their company, having much respect for Pashtun and some others we are told to hate. Grant was similar. Read his words. All of these very serious people had great respect for their enemies, and tried hard not to be enemies.

Sam Houston was having a problem keeping the white Texas settlers in bounds.


“When a Comanche chief asked [Sam Houston] to set a boundary on white settlement, [Sam Houston] answered in frustration, ‘“If I could build a wall from the Red River to the Rio Grande, so high that no Indian could scale it, the white people would go crazy trying to devise a means to get beyond it.” [Sam Houston] held peace talks with Comanches without result.

The Comanches were the greatest of the Indian fighters, and matched the savagery of any European. The Comanches did not hold settlement and roamed the Great Plains and so were difficult to pin down. They could do strikes hundreds of miles from their own camps, and make a getaway of 60 miles in one day. Masterful use of terrain. They often attacked under the bright moons of spring and summer, thus we still call them Comanche moons, and those who followed my Afghan work will remember my often warning about the moon. Taliban fought like Comanche, so I studied more on Comanche. Taliban are great fighters. Special Forces should hire some to teach in Arizona.

Remember the incredible strike against our jets in Afghanistan. I wrote about this Comanche-like strike by the Taliban:

I don’t have much more time to write — going to dinner with the folks who are going to take me into Darien jungle soon.

Let’s finish:

Remember the triangle of death:


If you get a big leg of this triangle, you will get the other two. And before, during, or after, there will be migration. After I warned so many times, people began to point out this is even in the Bible from 2,000 years ago. So there you go. Withstands the test of time, and if it made it to the Bible, it already had been going for a long time. This is just the way things are.

And what wiped out the Comanches, or most of the Indians? Pandemic. Small Pox. Cholera. Yellow Fever. Measles. And more. Entire Indian civilizations seemed to vanish. There is an incredible vacuum of history greater than all the Plains. Just a black hole.

There was more than pandemic. But pandemic was the deadliest wave, and pandemic shaped American history far more than mere gunpowder. You must read at least five books on pandemic — this will shape our future. Am curious what the Martians of SpaceX, and beyond, will do when they eventually face a space bug. How will they react when bugs completely beyond their control take control? Bets are on they will react as we reacted 2,000 years ago, and today. Nothing will change. And the astronauts with greatest advantage will be the ones who studied reactions during a thousand other outbreaks that took hold.

They will have studied the reactions from Cholera that started at Ganges, ravaged Indians in India, across Asia, Europe, London, and smashed right through settlers, slaves, Cherokee, Apache, Comanche, Mexicans, and kept right on going and still kills people every single day in 2021. But back then, bugs like Cholera were beyond control. We did not even have a germ theory yet. “Experts” still blamed Miasma.

My first journey into India was my first real experience with profound Miasma. I was hunting cannibals. Not unlike the Tonkawa Indians who used to eat Comanche, and apparently for similar reasons. To gain their power. Comanches hated to be eaten by Tonkawa, and Comanches became far better fighters after they learned to use horses like F-16s. Comanches were more deadly with spears, arrows, and mustangs, than were Texas Rangers with muzzleloaders. If not for the Cholera and other bugs, we may never have beaten them.

Anyway, I was hunting cannibals. The Miamsa was so horrific that it deserves to be capitalized: Miasma. I remember specifically thinking during my cannibal hunting that this Miasma must bring terrible disease. I did not fully appreciate that I had fallen into the same theory that researchers held for centuries: that Miasma brought everything from Small Pox to Cholera to Malaria. Mal Aria actually means bad air: Miasma.

Only with the Germ Theory — which some people still deny — did the Miasma theory finally abate, but this took at least a century. Heck, I fell into the Miasma theory before I even knew the theory existed for so long under such authority. I reinvented the theory from thin air, and I bet those who have experienced Miasma have done similar. When Miasma hits you, your first thought is run away. This is dangerous.

Maybe you have done this if you travelled in third world environments. Imagine a million warm fridges filled with meat, atop a dump, a swamp, and a cesspool as big as a Great Lake. True Miasma punches you head to toe.

The moment you truly experience a Miasma, you never will forget it. Remember the doctors during the plague wearing the raven beaks? Those beaks contained herbs to knock down the smell, the Miasma. They were masks, of sorts.

When Cholera hit the Indians, and settlers alike, nobody knew what caused it. They had no idea. The Indians called these many diseases the white man diseases. Many of the Comanches stayed as far away from white man as possible, knowing that Comanches who came close got polluted by disease. Not to mention alcohol. Alcohol, though, interestingly, is a great help against Cholera. Drunks whites had some advantage over Cholera.

The drink Gin and Tonic did not come from thin air. The Gin was good against waterborne gunk like Cholera, and the tonic water was good against Malaria. This truly was medicine. But it caused cowboys to shoot up the place. Indians hand little tolerance for alcohol. So pick your poison.

They also were forced into migrations such as Trail of Tears. We caused famine by killing buffalo, or just forcing people away from their hunting grounds. Also, Indians, like Afghans, Europeans, “Myanmarians”, and humans in general, engaged in tremendous Indian-on-Indian fighting that predated Puritans with Measles. Indian wars make the Middle East or Europe sound normal. (Europe is in a temporary state of mostly peace imposed mostly by the United States since 1945. It will not last.)

Attached is my January 2020 interview with Jordon Harbinger, where I say in clear words this pandemic could cost Trump re-election. We all know with 2021 hindsight there was more afoot, yet can see clear contribution of pandemic. I have left a trail of hundreds if not thousands of such interviews starting in 2005 in Iraq, or go back to my 1999 book Danger Close where I mention communist threat. There was a much larger section in draft that I removed before publication — distraction from main theme — but I left some standing.


And with any of these can spark or be sparked by mass migration.

Got to run. Thank you for all financial support. I always need it.

Michael Yon

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