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Peter Zeihan…

09 December 2022
Mission, Texas

People ask many times what I think of Peter Zeihan.

Let’s roll with the Socratic method:

  • Zeihan remains wildly pro-vax in 2022, while insulting people who wisely chose to avoid the death jabs. That’s enough to end the conversation. But let’s continue.
  • Supports open borders — again…enough to end the conversation
  • Denies the United States can even have a food shortage — cannot make up this stuff.
  • Openly man-loves on Zelenksy and wears the Ukrainian necktie on his Twitter

I read Zeihan’s latest book cover-to-cover earlier this year while in Mexico watching the invasion into Texas.

The guy Zeihan smells like another THREE CUPS OF TEA.

Folks who have read my work for years know that when I am so direct about someone it has always turned out true. Such as the North Korean defector I called out even while global media knelt before him, or the American and Canadian Generals (McChrystal and Menard) in Afghanistan, etc. All have turned out true.

My views are formed partly from instinct, partly fact-based. Fact: Zeihan remains pro-death-jab in 2022. Is there anything more to say?

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  1. Agree with you about Zeihan. I read his books and the broader geopolitical information was helpful, however he is sooooo off about this plandemic and pushing the vaccines. I personally know many people who are suffering from cardiac issues after the third jab and others with neurological problems. Zeihan must be paid by the Fauci team to spread lies.

  2. He is also saying that no any type of crisis will ever hit Germany, as they are too strong as an economy and if Russia cuts off the gas – even better, they will find the better ways to buy gas and also go more green (which is a fairytale).

  3. What is the argument that supports Ukraine? He has very good arguments about why Russia attacked, which cannot be found among the American right wing (“muh people from Donbass”) who have taken over the Russian narrative, even though they spit in the face of Americans wanting to destroy America and openly talk about it.

    That is not an argument. Present more than 5 sentences, because so far this is not a vehicle for his arguments, but at most an advertisement for his books.

  4. Could not agree more on Zeihan, he is an effete intellectual who is full of childish snark and irony in both his talks and his twitter feed.

    I am pretty sure he is only concerned with getting invited to the latest think tank roundtable or some other credentialed institution.

    He shows literally zero circumspection on his theses or blatant errors. He simply glosses over some of the biggest existential problems facing America today, as if it’s set in stone that we’ll just simply overcome a demographic, cultural, and moral collapse on all fronts. I wonder if he writes his thoughts down as he passes by the growing homeless camps in his blacked out limo.

  5. Yeah, there’s a lot. You hating on Ukraine ends a lot of conversations. being Pro-Putin is being pro-Nazi. And don’t tell me you aren’t pro-Putin when you hate on Ukraine.

    • Best take from JBS: “Being pro Ukraine is pro-Nazi. Being pro Putin is pro-Nazi. Being pro Xi is pro-Nazi. Being pro Biden is being pro-Nazi. It’s possible to hate all those. You can be anti Putin and anti Ukraine. You don’t have to pick a side in a Mafia turf war.”

      • I have been following you for perhaps a year, and I have also been following Jeff Nyquist for a few months. You both seem credible to me, but you two have come to opposite conclusions on whether we should be supporting Ukraine in their war with Russia. I would like to understand both arguments better. Would you mind laying out the fact pattern/rationale for us not supporting Ukraine? Thanks.

        • Zeihan is good at the geopolitical game. He is wrong about some things, but on geopolitics, has has his game together.

          Nyquist is exceptionally well informed as to what is going on in Ukraine. What you are seeing in the media, on both sides, is mostly swill. That includes here.

  6. Agreed. The guy keeps selling more or less the same story yet never goes back to score his past predictions. I was a fan early on but after his fast-talking ways can’t cover his flawed assumptions.

  7. Peter has some interesting things to say when it comes to broad demographic changes, and this big-picture thinking challenges my preconceptions enough that I still pay him some attention. But he is captured by the mainstream narrative wherever it exists. Whenever he addresses any topic that you hear about in the news, he essentially parrots the talking points he hears.

    Broadly, Michael, I think you’re right about him, with a small asterisk or two.

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