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President Trump and The Prince of Doom


911, what is your emergency?

Countless journalists and others have dedicated substantial portions of the recent two years screaming that President Trump would start a war.

All this time later — we were all supposed to be dead by now — Trump has utterly failed at starting a war beyond Twitter.

But now, the latest great hope for Trump war rests on the brutal murder of a Saudi citizen by Saudi citizens almost certainly ordered by King Tut himself, probably while sitting in a gold jacuzzi with Stoney Daniels or whatever her name is.

The murder occurred at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

Once more:

1) Saudi citizen murdered
2) Murdered by Saudi citizens
3) In Turkey (Embassy ground is not Saudi territory)

Khashoggi was not an American. Never has been an American. Wanted to be American. Or, more accurately, he wanted American privileges, protections, and passport. The US passport is one of the most powerful travel documents in the world. There is nearly no country that you cannot freely travel to with a US passport, often obtaining visa on arrival.

Khashoggi was not desperate for asylum. Had money. Was free to travel. Bottom line: he was not American, no crime occurred involving Americans, nor did the crimes occur on American soil.
And now a substantial number of people who have been screaming that Trump is Hitler and will get us into war, want Trump to start a diplomatic and economic war for:

1) Non-US citizen
2) Killed by non-US citizens
3) In Turkey

Khashoggi had family who are Americans, and he had a residence in America. Some who want Trump to start a war to prove they were right are clinging to the fact that Khashoggi had a residence in America and has family who are American citizens.

By comparison:

1) I live in Thailand
2) I have Thai family
3) If I go to Brazil and am killed by American agents in the US Embassy Brazil, at order from President Trump, why would Thailand get involved?

Why? Because I have a residence in Thailand? Thai family? Nothing at all involved Thailand. If I hire an apartment in Paris, should France help me in Mexico?

Saudi Arabia is a land that radiates savagery. That’s just how it is. Many countries are coming down on Saudi Arabia in words, and on America for not doing more.

CIA directly implicated the top dog in Saudi Arabia. It’s not as if America is covering up a crime committed by Saudis against a Saudi in Turkey.

But those same people who scream about US World Police, and who claim to sleep under their beds for fear from Trump, demand that Trump interfere in a matter that should be between Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Saudi people, and the ‘world’ community.

Countries that want to do more should shut down all business with KSA. Stop all oil shipments from KSA. Boycott.

Notice that nobody in MSM seems to ask what Xi thinks of this. Or Putin. They know Russia and China do worse, yet virtue signalers are lined up for Chinese business and Russian gas.

We got Merkel humping our left leg and Macron grunting on the right while his popularity at home is crashing into protests in the streets. No shame? Get off our legs!
America is not someone else’s virtue signaling attack dog, and Saudi Arabia is not the only contact on the radar. We got Iran. North Korea. China. Russia…long list. You can’t play a big card without playing the whole hand.

Got all these people in the bleachers shouting, “Play the Saudi card!”

They spend years shouting down to America the World Police, and yet still expect to pick up the red phone and hear, “911, Team America. What is your Emergency?”

Instead they get, “Be a handyman. Fix it yourself, my Virtue Signaling friend. Specifically, what do you plan to do? While you are at it, what are you going to do about China?”

Saudi Arabia is harsh and savage. China is far worse, and even today is operating death squads in Pakistan. Whether this is public knowledge is unknown to me. I have seen plenty of evidence from Pakistanis and Americans.

As for Americans and King Tut, relax. Don’t get distracted. Big dragon ahead. Steady as she goes.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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