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Primacy Effect Part II

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03 January 2023

Morning mind burst

Last evening a 24 year-old athlete fell to the ground during play. CPR was administered and he was whisked to the hospital. Huge numbers of people are falling ill and dead after taking shots that many people including doctors and nurses now call “death jabs” or “clot shots.” Naturally, huge numbers of people instantly suspected this young athlete may be the latest victim of the biological weapon.

Cause of the collapse remains unknown. We do know the government and the conjoined industry have perpetually lied about the clot shot, and we do know this fascist enterprise operates under impulse and blanket of the most sophisticated and enabled information war in human history.

In the course of Influence such as that used in Narrative Warfare, there is the important reality of Primacy Effect. The first one to say something can take massive advantage in setting the narrative. And so the starting gun happened the moment the athlete fell.

Nearly instantly, literally possibly before the athlete was at the hospital, a Primacy Effect shot was being fired on YouTube. Notice I just made this screenshot below — the video shows it was posted 12 hours ago, and already more than 7 million views.

There is absolutely zero way this so-called doctor can know what caused the collapse.

Yet he begins setting the narrative, specifically saying this was not due to “vaccine” (this is not vaccine — this is bioweapon)…and starts talking mumbo about milliseconds and how the heart beats and more blah.

Instantly this video was cast around social media and literally within an hour people on my own social media were parroting the video with the new term they learned minutes before, “commotio cordis.”

And now, only twelve hours later, various shows squawk the message, such as the Officer Tatum Show which casts anyone who even suspects the death jab. He calls millions of intelligent, inquisitive people, “conspiracy theorists,” even as Tatum himself inhales the bait and catches the hook deep in his throat.

This raises the questions questions about the Officer Tatum Show.

Such as, is Tatum just a naïve but good fellow who swallowed the bait, and later this will sink in and he will correct himself by saying that suspecting the jab is not conspiracy theory but in context is the most sensible first guess? And that the commotio cordis “theory” is far more likely a decoy, a canned and planned Primacy Effect response to when the inevitable happens?

So it could be that Tatum got suckered into the squawk squad but will recover by recognizing this soon and saying such.

But…if he continues down this track people may wonder if Tatum is amazingly dense, or actually is part of The Beast.

As 2023 and more football games and athletic events unfold — people already are taking bets on how many runners will collapse during Boston Marathon — will we see more football, basketball, baseball, soccer…the long list…we will see more collapse in front of us?

What will Tatum say when this happens again, and again, and again? As it already has. This was only the first big time football collapse. Athletes are dropping like birds from trees after a nerve gas attack.

The Crows of The Beast squawked, and Tatum squawked along and accused millions of good people of being conspiracy theorists. Tatum will be lucky to walk out of this with credibility intact.

Witness the Power of Primacy Effect:

Michael Yon

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  1. I guess the other 5 million folks dropping like flies worldwide (Died Suddenly) all took helmets to the chest too ??

  2. Michael, this is a bit off topic, but you have often referred to The Beast. Do you have a clear idea of who The Beast is?

  3. That man has taken the ticket.

    Lets say for half a second you believe the commotion corgys thing is true. I’ll indulge the ability to completely ignore occams razor and every other bit of evidence and focus solely on the 4.5 seconds of film covering this interaction:

    The cause of death is allegedly the moment of tackle, a blow to the chest causing his heart to stop beating. Was it the hit of the tackle – player to player, or players tumbling to and striking the ground? No matter… after the hit, after his heart is alleged to have stopped, he straightens himself up and stands, and looks around for half a second.
    Tell me how a person with a stopped heart could do that? No blood pressure, zero over zero, and he is going to articulate 50 different muscles and 4 joints to stand up completely and totally under his own power? Then wobble for a second, before he loses balance and falls backwards? When people are instantly killed (say by gunfire to the face), they crumple like a sack of potatoes, legs fall out from underneath. This cat fell like a pine tree TIIIMMMBBEEERRRRR!!!
    After standing up and looking around, 2 full seconds after his heart is alleged to have stopped?

    Folks, I’m not a genius, but I do possess this uncanny skill to tell when I am being lied to: Whenever the story I’m being fed couldn’t possibly happen in the real world, I begin to get skeptical.

    • I have to agree with your argument. Simple deductive reasoning.

  4. Inversion and Primacy Effect are both PsyOp tools the Deep State use frequently.
    In regards to Tatum, he is often judgemental from a Christian standpoint. We shall see if he can reverse himself here and get out of the PE mudhole he is stuck in..?
    Keep on with your good work, Michael, and stay well!

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