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But it’s only a momentary pause, and he doesn’t let the fighting rattle him.

“As if on cue, this is a very contested area,” he says, laughing. “It’s getting pretty intense here.”

Most reporters don’t face danger comparable to soldiers on the front lines, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe job. The two AP journalists who were seriously injured earlier today in an attack serve as a grim reminder of that.

Our editors keep close tabs on our Stripes’ reporters downrange too. Drew Brown and Dianna Cahn have been filing remarkable reports for us from Afghanistan; Our own Pentagon correspondent Jeff Schogol is in Iraq right now. All of them are under strict instructions to make sure they’re keeping their own safety in mind while they’re chronicling the important stories there.

I don’t know Yon well — just a few casual emails back and forth — but I know his reporting well enough that he travels that fine line too. Hopefully he can keep delivering that insightful view of war without ending up too close to the firing line in the future.

[PHOTO: Drew Brown]

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