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Rotten Rose Petals in War



Consider this video showing an active duty Master Sergeant harassing an elder who must be pushing 90 years.

The two stars of this video are an unnamed senior citizen and active duty Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham, wearing sunglasses, holding a voice recorder.  Grisham is a journalist who gets a paycheck as a soldier.

The video was forwarded by a concerned citizen:

Direct Download link.

img003-1000Long after this video was made, Grisham was sent home early from Afghanistan after complaining about stress from his superiors, and occasional rocket fire.

In 2011, I publicly warned numerous times that Grisham was unstable and should not be sent to Afghanistan, including, “C.J. has no business deploying or holding a weapon.”  He was deployed to Afghanistan.

Months later, on the cushy base called Kandahar Airfield, Grisham started cracking shortly after his arrival.  His tour was cut short.  Grisham was shipped home from Afghanistan in 2012 after complaining about stress, claiming that he could not sleep and that his hand was shaking uncontrollably.   He also published a desire to kill me, all while raising money for Soldiers’ Angels, an organization whose finances are in question.

Grisham cracked under pressure despite that he never left base. He saw no combat.

His credentials from Iraq are suspect but he uses those to boost credentials as a journalist.  The Army allows their employee to identify his employer in his writing and podcasts.  And so he can accurately be called an official Army spokesman, though that is not his official job.

In Iraq, the Army employee received an award for questionable actions on the same date that Jessica Lynch received the same award.  Jessica’s medal later was acknowledged as fraudulent.  The Pentagon made it all up.  Grisham seldom misses a chance to brag about his medal, yet he refuses to publish the unredacted citation.

Grisham the journalist was recently terminated from the YouServed podcast program that he co-hosted.  Comments that he made were astounding, such as encouraging the commission of potential criminal activity.

Grisham broadcasted about something that he has been accused of in the past: faking PTSD, and using it as an excuse.  During the PTSD podcast, the subject was conveniently forgetting things you do not wish to be confronted with.

From transcript:

Grisham: That’s right. For the rest of our lives, as combat veterans, we can pretty much get away with anything. You just blame it on PTSD, [TBI] or your combat experience. All the explosions and memory losses, it’s perfect. [laughs]

Grisham: I’ve been avoiding the hospital; I have some documented PTSD but not memory issues, yet.

There are big bucks involved in getting PTSD.  Money for life.  In another podcast, Grisham encourages someone to carry a weapon in a way that can be a felony.  A listener says he was denied a permit to carry a concealed weapon because he was receiving psychological treatments.  Grisham’s advice:

Grisham: Here’s the thing. I’ve got some advice for Tim. This is from C.J., here. You don’t need a stupid piece of paper from your government to tell you that you can hold a gun. Let me just bring that out right now. It’s sad that he can’t get this thing, but here’s my philosophy here.

I’m not giving out any legal advice and I’m not encouraging anyone to break the law. If you’re a law abiding citizen and you need a weapon for personal protection which I think these days all of us do, especially with all these economic problems – people are trying to make up their losses somewhere – then you need to carry a gun.

If they’re not going to issue it to you “legally” then by golly just put the dang gun on anyway. Who’s going to know unless you do something wrong? Now, if you’re defending yourself, the Second Amendment is there. It says that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

By setting qualifications on who can and can not hold a gun, they are infringing on a right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, he’s perfectly legal to do it. So Tim I tell you to go out there. Don’t even worry about your permit. Although you probably can’t buy a gun legally.

Does the sponsor, VA Mortgage Center, know how their racehorse is making them look?  Who would do business with a company that sponsors this sort of advice and behavior?

img004-1000Grisham at a stress clinic on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, 2012. He abandoned his subordinates.

The guy seldom misses a chance to say that “faggots” are unfit for combat, yet Grisham himself is as delicate as rose petals.  While this guy was deployed to Afghanistan, he spent his time blogging, journalizing, and whining of fears, while causing problems for people who were focused on the war.

This fragile guy is in the intelligence field, with a Top Secret clearance, yet the Army allows him to encourage people to commit potential felonies that could land them in prison.

Is it any wonder that our own government does not trust military intelligence, and why the title “General” (we have about a thousand officers of that rank) has started to sound like the title “Regional Manager”?   After watching the Grisham debacle for more than two years, the term “Master Sergeant, Military Intelligence” rings with no more authority than “Foreman, Lemonade Stand Operator.”  This is not only an indictment of Grisham and clan, but of the Army itself.

That Grisham is a senior sergeant is evidence of failed leadership under the likes of people like Sinclair (in a different command), and that Brigadier General Sinclair was promoted to the stars indicates that others above him are either equally poor judges of character, or share similar characteristics, or are wrongfully charging him.

We cannot expect to prevail in wars when we are deploying weak, morally questionable rose petals, who sabotage our most able troops.

img005-1000Grisham published this image on the Internet, saying that he killed this mouse.

Sinclair was part of the same command that ended my last embed, after I repeatedly voiced safety concerns not about the Taliban, but about Grisham and his cohorts, one of whom physically accosted me in my tent.  This is high-stakes misconduct in a combat zone.

Grisham fell under the same command as Sinclair.  (RC-South.)  This dangerous, undisciplined climate has made it impossible to embed with the U.S. Army for concern of catching a bullet in the back.

The cases of Sinclair and Grisham are accounting dust on the real balance sheet of sticky and oozy.  Take 4-star General Kip Ward, recently busted for stealing government money, or the bizarre case of a General’s son named Colonel James Johnson.

Johnson, who graduated from West Point, had an affair with an Iraqi woman.  The specifics around this affair were a major ethics violation and OPSEC risk.  He stole government money, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on what amounted to his prostitute, ethics violation, and OPSEC risk.  Meanwhile, he filed for divorce from his wife.  This is the simple, watered down version.  Johnson got off with a hand slap, as did 4-star General Kip Ward, who was busted to the position of a mere 2-star General.

And then there was the case of the married submarine captain who faked his death to end an affair.  Every case in this dispatch comes from 2012.  There are enough more to write a book.

Why do these senior ranking officers get off so easily?  Is it because they know so much about each other that nobody wants to raise too much stink?

Many people ask why Grisham gets away with so much.  On the scale of leadership slime, Grisham is a minor player.  They probably do not notice minor inconveniences such as his encouraging people to break firearms laws, and to use PTSD as an excuse.

The Army has signed itself up for endless bad press by promoting scoundrels who make it difficult and unfulfilling to write about the good guys.  Many of our best Soldiers continue to abandon the uniform.  They want nothing more to do with the endless Sinclair, Ward, Johnson, and Grisham soap operas.  Nobody wants someone like this to be in a position to stain their career, their reputation, and future, on some psychotic personal whim.  Likewise, few writers will gamble their arms, legs, and lives only to have to deal with perpetual mental cases, whose criminality gets little more than a scolding, but which wastes the time of busy people who can write about many other topics without the danger and psycho-dramas.

It is no secret that many of our best troops have stampeded for the exits over the past few years, leaving behind a distilled incompetence as potent and flammable as grain alcohol.

We cannot face down worthy enemies by stuffing unworthy guys like this into uniforms, promoting them, and pretending that rotten rose petals are keeping us safe. 


For more on our fraying Army:

Video link of Grisham harassing Senior Citizen:


YOU SERVED Transcript #25   2/12/09:

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