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Satellite Photo Shows China’s Military Buildup in Response to Hong Kong Protests

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Photo is from article

If you live in Hong Kong, wise to prepare for invasion. Nobody knows what is coming next, including China.

Possible that the airport will be stuffed again but this time with people scrambling for flights out.

Nobody knows. I do know that if Hong Kong had a second amendment, 12,000 troops would sustain massive casualties if there were serious resistance. Stuff like this is what the second amendment is all about. It’s not about deer hunting.

China is not in a position of ultimate power over Hong Kong. These things do not happen in a vacuum.

One massive advantage that Hong Kongers have is that they generally are very likable and intelligent, while ChiComs tend to be the opposite and savage.

Watch the comments from ChiCom trolls on my page. They will talk about “white dogs,” “jap dogs,” and on and on. Very crass people, and extremely savage. The absolute last people you would want to see armed while you are disarmed.

A lot of Japanese have not woken up to this yet, but Hong Kong and Taiwan’s futures are barometers for Japanese future. The unrest today between Korea and Japan is caused by China exploiting Korean psychological vulnerabilities. Chinese information experts hacked the collective-Korean mind and installed a virus.

The general plan in bare, bare bones:

1) Split Korea-USA-Japan. (Korea has no passwords on their brains. They are easy.)

2) Control vast swaths of land and sea such as the South China Sea

3) Extend reach to Africa, etc, (including around Thailand — knock knock)

4) Take complete control of Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

5) Extend influence in Europe/USA — through places like Hollywood (Jackie Chan, one example of many)

6) Attack Japan economically/politically, and eventually militarily. (Most Japanese seem to be in denial, and those who see the monster are labeled in the normal ways.)

7) Contain India — which is not difficult. India can barely contain itself and the IAF aircraft fall out of the sky practically monthly, and the Indian navy is not ready for much. Many Indians seem in denial and besieged with false pride about their ability to stand up to China. My bet: within 30 years, China will mostly control Nepal and Bhutan, as examples. (Unless we take out CCP, and then all this likely is moot.) India is being constricted on all sides.

8) Exercise control/influence in places like Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar. Thailand is sleeping or in denial about where Thailand stands with China.

9) Much more, such as influence in Philippines, Australia, NZ, Central America.

10 ) Mitigate and heavily influence USA through economic, military, political containment including using our own democracy to elect influencers.

The penultimate goal is to take USA out of the equation. Ultimate goal is China as the lone superpower.

Hong Kong is a D-Day to Taiwan and a lot more.

Hong Kong is a major battlefield. That’s how I ended up in this cheap hotel waiting for invasion.

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Michael Yon

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