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Season for War is Upon Us

Panama City, Panama

Fair weather brings hot guns. I warned since early 2020 that 2021 will outdo whatever 2020 brings. Conditions are set.

Conflict rarely comes as complete surprise. Historians often typically date wars with specific birthdays suitable for history tests, such as 12 April 1861 for America’s biggest civil war to date, and then the arguments begin about Sumpter, Bull Run, or Philippi. Where was the real starting point?

Or another great American Civil War — also called the Revolutionary War. When did that start? Was it 19 April 1775?

When does water really begin to boil?

War is often more like a forest fire. Simple historians will assign specific dates, and specific events as causative. More sophisticated historians often have more difficulty in finding “the source of the Nile.” They will be more circumspect in assigning day.

Conditions. A dry forest. Any spark will do. Firework, cigarette, campfire, powerlines, lightning, or arson. No arsonist can burn down soggy rainforest during monsoon. Hit it with a million sparks. Nothing will happen.

But when conditions are set, an innocent child with a magnifying glass can burn down a state. When conditions are set, the spark will appear. It’s all about the conditions.

Conditions are set in places like Ukraine, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Minnesota and other States. There will be many sparks in 2021.

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