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Socialism to Communism to Cannibalism: 50 Million Dead

04 May 2022
Panama, Central America
Mind dump, sans edit

Nobody knows the truth death toll of the Chinese Communist Famines. Say 50 million. Who can know?

Victims of US university ‘education’ often claim, “But it’s Democractic Socialism…”. Have you noticed they nearly always say ‘Democratic Socialism’ in verbal italics? As in, “Don’t you get it, ‘Ole Fool? This is DEMOCRATIC Socialism. The planet will burst into global warming flames. Give me soy or give you death!”

The only cult you never see is the cult you are in. The global warming cult. Don’t fertilize in the face of global famine. Pay American and British farmers not to farm…in the face of global famine. Pick the ultimate famine-war with Russia — in the face of global famine. Push Trump’s ‘vaccines’ into millions or even billions of arms. In the face of evidence and history, this is massive, gigantic, earth-shattering error and mass murder. In the face of global famine.

And the genocidal monkeys of the Chinese Communist Party are at it again. They truly are genocidal morons. Drunken monkeys saying “hold my beer and watch me juggle chainsaws.”

Some of the greatest wisdom has come from old China. Barely literate Communists destroyed it all. Communists of all species are murder monkeys. All authoritarians are Murder Monkeys. Planet of the Apes. Today, CCP is locking down maybe 400 million people — in the face of Global Famine. Only a true Murder Monkey would do something that stupid.

The greatest genocide in human history is unfolding. A genocide that knows no borders, no specific religion, language, or culture.

Meanwhile, Jews themselves push ‘vaccines’ into the arms of an Israel that people like me supported at great personal cost for years. Why did I invest personal capital into a country and people that hold a syringe to their own temples, and try to force my loved ones to follow off the cliffs of doom?

This genocide transcends specific definitions. Attack vectors are myriad. Some clearly are intentional, mixed with profit, while others are just ‘intellectuals’ doing their normal stupidity. Ultimately, the jungle is per se impossible to sort apart.

Bottom line — we are entering a phase of history beyond mere genocide. This is Globocide. Even the chickens and turkeys are being slaughtered. Soon the pigs, cows, goats. What next? Fish? Will apples be targeted by real or information war attacks?

Famine and forced ‘vaccine’ are far more controllable weapons of mass destruction than are pandemics or nuclear Holocaust. Famine can be slowly turned on and off. Not with smart-bomb precision, but close enough for Holocaust work. More or less controlled, or at least heavily influenced. ‘Vaccines’ can be delivered to target groups.

It’s not enough that Trump does not force his warp sin into the arms of people. Trump must admit his deadly error and call a stop.

Meanwhile, fertilizer and food are stuck in ports and on tracks. Flash to bang on global famine is long. The first flashes have already dimmed. More flashes coming. The first serious shockwaves will impact within 90 days.

But it’s DEMOCRATIC Socialism. And it was free food for all, until the cannibalism, and the 50 million skinned skeletons vanished into history, unburied in ditches. No dogs to gnaw their bones. Dogs and cats were long since eaten. China is so polluted today that I rarely see a bird there. Well, since the Communists kicked me out of Hong Kong last time, I probably cannot return to Hong Kong or Mainland.

Democratic Socialism. Poison ‘vaccines.’ Open borders. Cults of global warming and communism. ANTIFA and BLM terrorists roaming the streets unopposed. Abortion on demand. Supreme Court reduced to farce and eventual stacking. No happy country survives court stacking.

Socialism and communism always are born of mass death, and then bring more mass death, often through starvation. Venezuela and Cuba are dumping millions of people who are crossing right in front of me through Darien Gap. Africa and Asia are crossing in front of my eyes.

This will end in blood and flames.

People like Bill Gates are causing this. And Trump with his ‘vaccines.’ Trump did well on many important topics. The death jabs are too big to let slide.

People ask why I don’t do more major interviews. This is why. I am American. Not Trumpian. Not any of that. And having spent more than half my life in more than 80 other countries, I am fully aware of what is being injected into America’s veins through Darien Gap and across our borders. We are being Demographically murdered, one drip at a time. Some fish don’t mix well in the same aquarium.

Chances of elections — real elections — in 2022, are dimming each day.

I am not worried about Trump becoming a tyrant. Trump does not possess the physical courage to take the chance. Trump watched an election stolen from under his feet and blinked in the face of General Milley whom Trump should have fired on the spot. Trump is no strong man. Trump was wise in avoiding wars such as in Syria and with Russia. Trump was wise to avoid wars but not strong enough to stand in the breach when it was needed when elections were stolen not from him but from you and me.

Trump stood up for our economic sovereignty, our borders, Constitution — especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments — and stood up to China. Does this make him a hero? Reagan would have said, “no shit Sherlock.” (Well, if Reagan cursed). We’ve reached a point where common sense is a radical thought. This is due to communist indoctrination.

America is today filled with Red Diaper Babies and Grandbabies. The Obama guy is a Red Diaper Baby. A Red Diaper Baby is one born to a member of the American Communist Party. I expand that definition to include members of the Japanese Communist Party, or any communist party. Universities are so filled with Red Diaper Babies that words such as “But it’s Democratic Socialism” roll off their red tongues with the incredible smugness of all faux-‘intellectuals.’

Beware of the man or woman who self-identifies as an intellectual. Intellectuals are the dumbest chickens in the coop, and dangerous. Usually emotionally fragile. Socialism and Communism appeal to the ignorant, emotionally challenged, and to psychopaths who wish to rule the coup of the coop.

These are the thoughts of a man who has traveled the world, numerous wars, through much communism in many countries, and through wheelbarrows full of books.

Communism promises food. Only the vultures prosper.

My apologies for the mind dump sans edit. Back to work.

And listen to me…read at least five books on famine. Knowledge is armor. You will thank me later over dinner.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. You make some good points except one very large one- The election was not stolen and it’s just dangerous to let Trump and the republicans keep spouting that nonsense. The problem is Trump would have never left office because he believes he can never lose, ( or apologize) and that is dangerous for a democracy!

  2. The lies surrounding the injection of a demonic chimera of ingredients will start taking a democidal toll just when the eyes of the gullible are opening. Surely the realization of an democidal assault will occur as baby formula shortages appear except in the stockpiled way stations established for the malleable mobs of oncoming immigrants…or the Biden administration’s energy policies that will severely undermine the deliveries of fuel, fertilizer, food. What the F?
    The Biden administration’s Ministry of Truth will cry wolf, won’t they?
    The confederacy of Democratic party “Socialists”, acquiencing RINOs, WEF fascists, oligarch robber barons, and CCP useful idiots (dogs) poisoned the World, undermined our 2020 election, and consolidated power as they overran the nation’s fortifications and captured Washington, D.C. in their modern Civil War that caught Trump and America sleeping on the watch.

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