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Soldier did Not Commit Suicide


Colonel Bieger is rock solid. An email came from his excellent wife just minutes before this went live.  Mark has a stellar reputation as a man, and a Soldier.  We can only hope that he makes General. We need some Biegers with Stars.  Mark Bieger is one of the best and most solid men you will ever meet.  He is one of those men who lives up to what it means to be a Great American.


This photo says all that you need to know about his character.  His wife, Amy, told me some years ago that she recognized him instantly in the photo on television because that is the way he often held their own children.  Mark’s reputation for courage and competence in combat matches this image of his compassion.

A kind reader informed me that there was a similar photograph taken earlier in the war, and that the Soldier in that photograph was reported to have died from an overdose.  For more.

Apparently this has led to the honest mix-up of the events and people.

For an account of the day with Mark and Farah.

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