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State of Emergency, and Diversification

12 January 2021
Washington, D.C.

Yon-Genre mind dump. Unedited.

Those who have followed my work for years — and especially in 2020 — are not surprised at all at the turn of events.

My focus now is to help avert full-scale civil war by this Spring and Summer. And to be sure, though I am a cup-half-full man, I think it’s too late for my efforts. I am still doing CPR on that hope there is still a glimmer that calmer heads will prevail. And this still is possible. Just does not seem probable, nor does it fit the fact-pattern.

Troops are being deployed around Washington, D.C. Many are staying in hotels around Crystal City. I saw some last night. None that I have seen have weapons. Driving rental cars or parked in rental cars. Many National Guard I have seen are unfit to fight or to defend. This ain’t the 82nd Airborne. Let’s put it that way. Extremely dangerous to commit untrained or unready troops into conflict.

Americans are being warned to stay clear of D.C. during inauguration. I do not know what inauguration will look like but sounds like it will be online. I am looking at the White House right now in front of me. Clears skies, mostly empty streets.

As you know, cancel culture is increasing. At this rate, those doing the canceling so far will start getting canceled. There is always someone with a higher switch. War itself is the ultimate cancel culture. Sickening to imagine where this leads.

Obviously, Patreon my cancel me at any time: please join my emailing list here so that I can alert you to other methods:

I enjoy Patreon but it can easily be worked around. I operated most of my career without Patreon. It’s very nice but also capricious. Please hit the QR code above and sign up for MONTHLY support at PayPal. Monthly is far better — allows me to plan budget.

Of course PayPal, and banks themselves, are canceling people. These all can be worked around but they are creating an atmosphere of distress that will splash back.

If MailChimp (mailing list) cancels me, I will take the same mailing list to another method. We make backups and so we will have the list. Please join it:

Many of the people making these tech cancel decisions are not thinking it through. There is always someone farther up the food chain, or lower down the food chain, who also can cancel. You can see angry people chatting online about this. They are studying infrastructure. Incredibly dangerous for us all.

This is my main website. It, too can be cancelled:

For that matter, some tech experts warn that many people may soon be cancelled from the internet entirely, and even from phones.

These are the most dangerous times ever for America and for the world.

Peaceful thoughts.

Peaceful words.

Peaceful actions.

Stay alert and pay close attention.

Big day for me here. Wish I could say what is happening but must save for another time. Bottom line is that I am doing everything I can to do my part in averting kinetic war.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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