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Stock. Up.

08 Feb 2022
Boca Raton, Florida
Mind dump, sans edit.

Everything you buy now is on sale.

I’ve warned since January 2020 to create a deep pantry. Three months is not enough. If you have the budget, go two years. Look at this as investment.

Do not count on your deep freeze to work.

We are under attack.

Facing serious and significant chance of global famine. To be clear — for the first time in human history, we face significant human death due to global food shortage. Some places surely will have plenty — others may see explosions in vulture populations.

Never in known human history have we seen true global food shortages.

All known previous famines resulted from not having enough food at the right place at right time. There was plenty of food. Just not in the right places. Such as due to war.

We are looking at a situation where we need a X gallons of paint to cover the barn, but the delivery truck only brings X – G gallons of paint. Some of that barn ain’t gonna get painted.

It’s that simple.

Production input costs have exploded. (Along with some fertilizer burned, or exploded in some places).

To say we are facing intentional global genocide still evokes finger pointing to the guys with tinfoil hats. Yet the evidence is embarrassingly clear. The trends to PanFaWar were amazingly clear in January 2020. Back before price increases. Back when I and a few others like Steve Bannon were calling this pandemic — and calling this pandemic at that time got people banned from social media. That’s right.

Now comes PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War.

I will join the truckers convoy. Importantly, the mask and fake-vaccine dictates are just one of many distractions — while fuel and fertilizer prices increases and fewer of the right seeds go into the ground. People will starve in huge numbers. The question is where and how many. Mass migrations will occur. Wars that we have not thought of will unfold. This is the nature of PanFaWar.

All this while fake ‘vaccines’ take some toll that we may never understand.

It’s just a matter of time before they start killing or locking up people like Joe Rogan. That is the nature of The Beast.

Screenshot this.

Stock up. Prepare for a new way of life. And know this will not be over by Christmas 2023. Not even close.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Hi John Moore;

    I’ve stocked up on a years supply of dried food. Sounds like I need another years worth. One year ago the cost was over $2,000 for one person.
    I’d recommend DuckDuckgo to find mass producers of dried food. The biggest issue will be maintain water supply to hydrate it.
    Wall Mart and others like them still have canned food. Do not forget soap, tooth past, and other keep self clean supplies that also will problem be non existent or vey expensive.

  2. Some guidance would be helpful. The Locals comment area and the internet are full of survival food suggestions and ads. It is difficult to determine which ones offer effective rations. Give a list of possible merchants and sources with the usual standard stock disclaimers.

    • Hi! I’m Elaine, part of Team Yon here on the website.

      Thank you for this excellent observation. Right now, we are working as quickly as possible to back-tag previous posts related to being prepared. Soon, you will be able to use tags to find information on specific topics. In the meantime, I have cataloged your request and will check back in with you here when we get additional information to share. As you know, we do not endorse specific merchants or sources but we will look to see if we can find an expert who could share guidelines on how to discern reliable sources.

      Thanks for being here! Looking forward to interacting with you further.

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