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STOP Committing Suicide

El Paso, Texas
Yon-Genre Mind Dump, sans edit

Been a long day. Started a few days ago, and this morning was down on the border doing a live interview on War Room Pandemic.

See here:

After that, long drive out of Texas into New Mexico, finally into Mexico by foot, and then back to New Mexico and back to Texas. Many things were seen and heard. This border is not secure and Border Patrol are spread thin, but they obviously are working hard.

Meanwhile, my overflowing box spills over with messages telling me to write more about the Capitol Attack. For many people, this is about the most shocking thing they have seen, but for me this was another day at “the office.” I’ve seen similar in places like Thailand and Hong Kong when I was right there, such as when protestors stormed the Hong Kong LegCo. (Legislative Council — like Parliament or Capitol.)

And so for me, it’s just like, “Hey…didn’t you see this coming?”

Seven hours and six minutes BEFORE the Capitol Attack, I published right here on Patreon that I predict 90% chance of violence. I did not know who would do what, but chance of severe violence was severe. Conditions were set. All the likely suspects were in town. The mayor shut down restaurants and more in advance, but the mayor and others failed to secure the Capitol.

Chance are that anyone over about the age of thirty knows at least one person who committed suicide. Some of us know a lot of people who committed suicide. And in my case, everyone I know who committed suicide seemed physically healthy. It’s not like they had chronic pain with no perceived chance of amelioration, or were terminally ill and were financial burdens on their families and made such a painful decision. Sometimes they just seemed to up and do it. Healthy. Smart. But something got to them.

Many people ask me how I did so much combat and other stressful things but am happy. I don’t know because I am not God, but I got some ideas:

1) Don’t do drugs or alcohol

2) Get sunlight

3) Don’t listen to sad music unless it’s like Elton John. Nobody will kill themselves while listening to Elton John.

4) Walk. Walk. Get more sunlight. Walk.

5) Do stuff that makes you laugh. Get sunlight. Did I mention sunlight and walking?

6) Listen to comedians. Read funny stuff.

7) Realize that unless you are on death row, and you are actually reading this on the internet and are reasonably healthy, your problems are NOTHING compared that of others who are NOT committing suicide and are actually laughing somewhere.

You should see some of the stories of these people trying to get into America. And stories Border Patrol are telling us. People coming all the way from Cuba. Robbed, raped, many are murdered. No country to return to other than the Communist country they left, and they hated Cuba or other countries enough to risk getting robbed, raped, and murdered, to spend months or years in pursuit of happiness. Sleeping in jungles, deserts, bed-bug hotels, jail cells…and they still trying.

Whatever is going wrong: Stop drinking, drugs, laying around like a potato listening to sad songs (unless Elton John or something like that), get sunlight, walk…and if you live in a crappy place like D.C., that might be the problem. Move to a place with more sunlight and friendlier people.

Do a one day fast. And when you are happy with that, do a two day fast. Work your way up to five days. Your mood will skyrocket. Get sunlight. Walk. Stop listening to crybaby songs.

If you screwed up on something really badly, take a pause and study it. Everyone runs into a wall sometimes. (Everyone who ever does anything useful makes a lot of mistakes.)

Take a chance. Walk out the door. We got too much work to do. Got no time for tears.

Let’s go!

I got to go. Epoch breathing down my neck for an article as are some others.

But I want to say one thing…I got a lot of sympathy for these folks willing to die to get to America. And people who are already here should stop and take detailed count of their blessings.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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