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Stop What You are Doing: Go to Phoenix

11 November 2022
Phoenix, Arizona

When one acknowledges that Evil with Capital E actually exists, the situation becomes easier to reconcile and address. There is evil-doing, and then there is Big E EVIL.

Death Jabs come from Big E. Fauci and his ilk are fangs of the Big E serpent. People are starting to wager about how many vax-victims will die during Boston Marathon.

Big E steals votes such as here in Arizona. Am here now watching it unfold.

Extreme Arrogance, Entitlement that we constantly see from Globalists, is all Big E.

An old demoralization technique is still in use today. Installation of Dog Kings. A conquerer installs a Dog as King to demoralize enemies.

There is the story of Caligula’s Horse, Incitatus, who may have been made Senator. Caligula himself was a clown.

The current King of Thailand made his poodle Foo Foo a senior Air Force Officer. The Thai military is famously competent, disciplined, and courageous, and now serves under a king who is not preparing for famines ahead, who made his poodle into a senior military officer.

We see similar in the US military. People wearing officer insignia, holding high ranks, who likely should be in rubber rooms. Navy ships running into things.

As for Thailand, the father of the current king was King Rama IX. A true leader. More like a Caesar before Caligula. King Rama IX was highly respected at home and abroad, and respected by the United States. King Rama IX was one of the greatest men in a century.

Across the West, Big E is engaging in industrial strength brainwashing. We all know. We know that Big E is working hard to split and conquer conservatives, the backbone of America.

Just near me in Phoenix, Big E is working overtime to steal another election. Big E gets away with this only because cowards and lazy people are sitting at home instead of flooding here it Phoenix and blocking every government building and forcing the government to abide by the law and Constitution.

Stop what you are doing. Go to Phoenix.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct, Michael!!!
    Single moms can’t afford to, unless little kids come too! But yes, we should, and if not for my littles, I WOULD!!!

  2. I see it. Give them all the rope they need to hang themselves. More than anything they want to provoke a berserk reaction that they can use against us. Do not walk into another trap like January 6.

  3. I followed Steve Bannon’s call to get involved in this election and took a job as an early ballot processor. We’ve known from the beginning that the results wouldn’t be known til around the 16th because every early ballot that was dropped in a collection box at the polls has to be 1) signature verified by a person, 2) cured if they can’t be verified, 3) opened and unfolded by hand, 4) run through the tabulator, 5) where 10-15% then need adjudication or duplication. I don’t think the tardiness has to do with corruption as much as it has to do with the inefficiency of early voting.

    • Yes. If only: same day paper ballots , signatures verified. All votes counted that day

  4. Always enjoy your comments. Wish I could get away to help out there.

    What are they acually doing to steal the election and can it be documented with video or what ever?

    Thanks for all your good work.

    • It was and is all documented in Big M multiple ways. Big T Truth didn’t and doesn’t make a difference. If you become aware of all that was done by Big E and that was did, you will vomit. Go back to Nov 2020 and follow Arizona. Find the people who saw the Big E Evil played out after the Nov 2020 election and listen to Big A All the evidence the AZ people had and have. The AZ governor then and Sec of State then and the now govenor? The board of supervisors? The attorney general? Find the Big T Truth about the Big E Evil. Keep a trash can handy for your vomit.
      I ran out of vomit last Spring 2022 and left the US.

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