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Stuck on Runway in New Jersey: Reason…

… need another 30,000 pounds of fuel. Truck ran out so we are waiting on another truck.

A pilot friend told me they are having fuel truck problems at many airports. And like magic…

All three airports we have been at today have had many organization problems, as did the PCR test company who was too late. We would have missed flight due to PCR late but Chuck Holton bought quick tests in America and they were accepted in Panama and U.S.

Now delayed at Newark.

An immigration officer asked what I am doing and I told him about Darien Gap. He never heard of Darien Gap. We talked for awhile and I said when you go home tonight make sure to check my name and Darien Gap, and send me a message! He promised he would. I asked him again what is my name and he remembered, so maybe he will check and become knowledgeable about that damage.

A couple hours ago I messaged the man from Ecuador who was lost 22 Days in the Darien following his wife. He’s in Costa Rica now trying to get passport and get back to Ecuador. He did not respond yet. With any luck, he’s on a flight home. I may fly to Ecuador to interview him in person. The story is epic. Like Into the Wild.

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