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Study Matters — sailing through the coming famines

03 May 2022
Panama, Central America

Friends and folks keep saying things like, “but I buy from local markets,” or “I live surrounded by farmland.”

They have not studied Famine.

Take Ukraine. One of the world’s ultimate breadbaskets. Suddenly facing famine. Again. Just a few months ago many Ukrainians were dismissing the idea there would be war. Their shelves were full. The Zelensky clown was prancing downtown to get coffee.

Almost instantaneously, Ukraine made another Great Leap Forward from rich breadbasket to millions of Ukrainian refugees and unfolding global famine. (Global famine was already coming…the Russia-OGUS war in Ukraine is an accelerant).

Remember, just last century, the Ukrainian breadbasket suffered one of the world’s ultimate famines: Holodomor.

I am reading my about 16th book on famine. China again. China likes to go big. Communists like to go big. Chinese communists like to go ultra-big. Even with famine. Chinese communists created the most severe famine in human history.

One of the worst affected areas was — you guessed it — one of the most food-productive in all China up to the point where farmers were eating their children.

Those culted-communists were so communist that at first doctors prescribed antibiotics for what they diagnosed as some strange disease. The “disease” was malnutrition. Inconvenient truth. But do remember that famine creates a population-sized “AIDS” due to weakened bodies from malnutrition.

Separately, what will happen with the hyper-vaccinated when the famines begin in earnest later this year and in 2023? I have no idea.

Am getting some private message traffic asking why I am talking with such certainty instead of couching with maybes.

Because it’s obvious.

Like watching a train rumble through the night to cross over a deep ravine. The bridge that was there yesterday is gone. The bridge is gone. The train cannot possibly stop. Inertia. People cannot just switch off their metabolisms. The train will not stop. The nutritional bridge is gone. Choooochoooo! The engineer just bailed out. People in the dining car reading by candlelight how great the train service has been. Choooochoooo!

The global famines unfolding likely will dwarf any famine ever. OGUS will seize farm products and force farms to sell to OGUS. This is what authoritarian governments do during their self-created crisis. Egypt already started this. Others will follow.

And yes, Henan, the great food producer, transitioned from eating wheat to human flesh:

Delivering the truth is not free. Your support makes it possible.

Delivering the truth of what is happening across the world is not free. Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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