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Study Matters — sailing through the coming famines

03 May 2022
Panama, Central America

Friends and folks keep saying things like, “but I buy from local markets,” or “I live surrounded by farmland.”

They have not studied Famine.

Take Ukraine. One of the world’s ultimate breadbaskets. Suddenly facing famine. Again. Just a few months ago many Ukrainians were dismissing the idea there would be war. Their shelves were full. The Zelensky clown was prancing downtown to get coffee.

Almost instantaneously, Ukraine made another Great Leap Forward from rich breadbasket to millions of Ukrainian refugees and unfolding global famine. (Global famine was already coming…the Russia-OGUS war in Ukraine is an accelerant).

Remember, just last century, the Ukrainian breadbasket suffered one of the world’s ultimate famines: Holodomor.

I am reading my about 16th book on famine. China again. China likes to go big. Communists like to go big. Chinese communists like to go ultra-big. Even with famine. Chinese communists created the most severe famine in human history.

One of the worst affected areas was — you guessed it — one of the most food-productive in all China up to the point where farmers were eating their children.

Those culted-communists were so communist that at first doctors prescribed antibiotics for what they diagnosed as some strange disease. The “disease” was malnutrition. Inconvenient truth. But do remember that famine creates a population-sized “AIDS” due to weakened bodies from malnutrition.

Separately, what will happen with the hyper-vaccinated when the famines begin in earnest later this year and in 2023? I have no idea.

Am getting some private message traffic asking why I am talking with such certainty instead of couching with maybes.

Because it’s obvious.

Like watching a train rumble through the night to cross over a deep ravine. The bridge that was there yesterday is gone. The bridge is gone. The train cannot possibly stop. Inertia. People cannot just switch off their metabolisms. The train will not stop. The nutritional bridge is gone. Choooochoooo! The engineer just bailed out. People in the dining car reading by candlelight how great the train service has been. Choooochoooo!

The global famines unfolding likely will dwarf any famine ever. OGUS will seize farm products and force farms to sell to OGUS. This is what authoritarian governments do during their self-created crisis. Egypt already started this. Others will follow.

And yes, Henan, the great food producer, transitioned from eating wheat to human flesh:

Michael Yon

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  1. Famine. As a truck transporter, I had contracts with UN-WFP, EU-AID, Cathlic Relief Services, NPA and others to transport food relief into Sudan and the DRC. My trucks transported thousands of tonnes of food to famine areas. I made a few trips with the trucks and saw first hand the horror of famine. Now, I have food caches (Akorns as MY calls it) in multiple places, in multiple countries. Some are “bases” where I can prosper for years. Redundancy is critical to survival/prosperity. Example from one base: 2400 candles, 8hr burn time. Just a few extra cans in the cubard are not going to cut it. Rough times last a long time. Sudan: war 22 years; then continued. Syria: 11 years. Lebanon: ??. Donbass: 8 years and continuing. UK WW2 rationing from 1939 to 1952. No, it is not expensive. Yes, you can afford it. A tonne of wheat (1000kg) is about $400 and will support you for 3 years. Buy it at farm feed supply warehouse. Don’t have space. Bury it in the ground. Use 40kg blue drums with the twist on lid. They are very strong and seal 100%. I have dug up some that have been in the ground for 20+ years and the supplies were 100% good. They survive frost well too.

  2. Again. All the Bantu tribes are “eaters” as cannibals are called locally. According to Wikipedia, the Bantu tribes numbed 350 million people in 2010. I had businesses there employing over 300 people. One was transport business and I travelled with the trucks extensively and often saw grave robers on their way home at night carrying soiled corps on their bicycles. Once, I asked one where he was going and the replied “he was going home to eat. Why waste the good meat.”
    The pygmys in Eastern-Uganda and DRC are an interesting study. Tinny people, reaching only up to ones hip but notorious “eaters”, they eat only the legs and cut the lower part away from the body by the first vertibre. Typically the corrupt UN protects them. See:
    “The Guardian: Congo rebels are eating pygmies, UN says
    James Astill in Nairobi
    Thu 9 Jan 2003 01.36 GMT
    Marauding rebels are massacring and eating pygmies in the dense forests of north-east Congo, according to UN officials who are investigating allegations of cannibalism in Ituri province”

    Also, the Bantu soldiers carry a little bag arround their neck, about the size of a matchbox, carrying some fellow’s dried testicles because, the bantu soldiers belief it will give them power. The braver the fellow was the more power it gives. I am lucky (and sawy) to still have mine!

    One more. The Sebei tribe on Mt Elgon in Uganda are likeable people, brave loyal men. I employed some as guards, mechanics etc, and had very good experience with them. They practice a horrendous circumcision where one half of the penis is skinned. A group of tenage boys go through this together as a passage to manhood. Afterwards, the guest are invited to drink traditional beer, the one in a pot and long straws used by many, the beer tastes ok, mild but ok. It is served warm. But, what happend to the forskins? Well, they go into the brew. Only, had I known!

  3. In East-Africa, they call the human flesh “forbidden meat” a local delicacy enjoyed on a regular basis in good times. It is served in the local restaurants and I have probably eaten it unknowingly before I was warned to eat only chicken with bones in these places. Chicken with bones is obviously chicken with bones. I lived there for 12 years, intermingled with the local populations, speak some of the languages etc. Often, the conversations is about a person’s favorite cut, female breasts are a favourite because of the fat.

  4. The local Zambezi tribe called human flesh “long pig”…never much cared for it.

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