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Studying Black Potatoes

This is a good book on the Irish famines. The blight was only part of the problem and not the biggest. A bigger problem was the English, and in many cases, the Irish themselves. Some were still making whiskey while others starved.

There was ample warning and huge malfeasance.

Today — there have been more than two years of warning. I have warned at least 2,000 times since January 2020 that we risk serious famine.

Now the UN and others are saying that national “hoarding” is compounding the problem. Of course, it is. And this was amazingly predictable. So amazingly predictable that national leaders who did not stockpile and otherwise prepare will be criminally negligent for the criminal homicide that is about to unfold.

Egypt and the rest have had TWO years to prepare.

Lebanon’s criminal’s stored explosive fertilizer downtown and blew up the town and their major food storage capacity. That was August 2020 — yet they still are completely unprepared and Ukraine was a major supplier. Africa cannot feed itself. The western solution to this was to keep shoving more food to Africa so the population that cannot feed itself continues to grow. Corn makes ducks. More corn makes more ducks. Corn stops.

Many of us have warned about the invasion of our southern border.

A small number of us have warned about the funnel through Darien Gap. What will we do when someone leases massive ships filled with “migrants” to sail straight from famine regions to our shores?

The United States ‘government’ is facing a tax revolt. Americans are tired of having their own generous labors used against us to slit our own throats. Americans are tired of Crime Families sucking away our lives, laughing at us, spitting in our faces.

We all know The Beast will attempt to steal all future elections. The Beast is a murderer, a rapist, a thief, and a bully.

Free people never ask for freedom. They take it.

Michael Yon

Michael Yon is America's most experienced combat correspondent. He has traveled or worked in 82 countries, including various wars and conflicts.

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  1. Thank you, Samatha! I’m on it!

    We will support you. Please see our contribution to the truckers convoy as seen on Miranda Khan’s Newson program via Real Americas Voice. Go to this You tube link or Google Freedom Convoy Song 2022 Samantha Brennan. Thanks Michael…

    • Thank you, Samantha! I’m on it!

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