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Sugar: The most destructive drug in human history


This may sound wild and hyperbolic to 99% of people, but the other 1% who have looked into sugar know what I am talking about.

Sugar is the ultimate sour drug.

The effects of sugar addictions have been nothing less than catastrophic on humans and Mother Earth.

I need some back up from the 1% who know how big this is.

The sugar drug has ravaged man and earth for roughly 400 years. (Give or take.)

Global slavery is largely a product of sugar addictions. Ask the red legs on Barbados. Can their descendents on Barbados even read? I do not know.

Slavery in America is often associated with crops such as cotton. Reality check: global slavery, wars, environmental and human destruction…look to sugar. Sugar is the daddy of them all.

If you study the history and effects of (and affects from) sugar, you will never look at the white death the same way again. You will see white sugar on the table and look at it like cocaine or meth sitting in front of children.

Would you put cocaine or crystal meth on the breakfast table in front of children? Look at the grocery shelf. Breakfast cereals coated with sugar. This is no smarter than coating food for children with crystal meth.

Insane, right? Yes, it is.

Alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, meth, those are all chumps compared to the global effects of sugar.

Take Thailand for instance: Thailand is one of the top sugarcane producers in the world.

See all these fit looking Thais? This nation is ravaged by diabetes. Every Thai either has diabetes or other metabolic disorders, or knows numerous family members and friends who do. This rips through the Thai economy and happiness.

China: Ravaged. But China has only been ravaged when it started adopting modern diets. (Well, after massive famines and enforced starvations. China has special psychological problems.)

USA: More than 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Worse than any war, ever. This does not even include millions of other metabolic disorders from same culprits.

Am not saying this all is caused by sugar alone, but overuse of sugar is the mega-culprit.

Pacific islands: Metabolic war zone. Ravaged.

This does not even include obesity and all that goes with it. Heart disease. Long list. You know the list. Fat and unhappy.

And slavery…if you want an eye opener, study slavery since about the 1600s and its association to sugar global addictions. The connection is direct and irrefutable.

I need help from the 1% of people who know what I am talking about. 99% will think I am exaggerating.

You can’t exaggerate this metabolic typhoon — much less the effects on earth…and I am serious as a heart attack when saying millions — MILLIONS — of people were enslaved to feed sugar addictions. Irish. Scots. English. Africans. Asians. Millions. Slaves. Literally slaves to sugar.

Brazil. Ripping out rain forests to keep us fat, unhealthy, and unhappy. Catastrophic. Largest sugarcane producer in the world.

At this moment someone is chopping down rain forests to grow sugarcane.

And we are talking about straws. We should talk about white death killing the rain forests to keep us fat and diabetic.

Several centuries ago, British started fighting slavery that they and others were making. British and others started by shaming people for using sugar in their coffee and tea. (There goes that Jekyll and Hyde from the British again. )

The rise of tea and coffee markets is attributed to sugar produced by slaves. British were said to fight this (eventually) by actually writing words on sugar containers such as “No slaves were used to make this sugar.” Am not sure of actual wording, but that is the gist.

The effects/affects are utterly catastrophic on so many levels. Ask the red legs of Barbados. White slaves transported to work the sugarcane.

Am not saying this from a high horse. I love chocolate, and ice cream, but as I write this and think about it more, I will do my part and cut back.

Need help from that 1%! You know this is all true. Please back me up with source documents that you have read. I have read much about it over the years. Many of the sources escape me. This blurb in the Bangkok Post sparked my memories.

Michael Yon

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