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Taliban Calls Murder of Woman Idiotic and Horrific

Caution the video below contains violent material which may not be appropriate for all viewers!

An answer, from the address of Zabihullah, stated in Pashto:

Peace be upon you,

If we could answer to the below e-mail as such: In this incident our mujaheddin does not have any hands, this act has been carried by the locals of that particular village or area, our officials & Mujaheddin are unaware of the incident, also the punishment which has been carried does not match with Sharia Law as well, because before punishment, a proper investigation needs to be launched & when & if the accused were to be held guilty then that is not how the accused got punished. According to Sharia Law there will be a different type of punishment which will also include both individuals not just one.  Therefore this has nothing to do with Sharia Law or with us and to blame us for such an idiotic and horrific act is not fair.

Original text:

که لاندې ايميل والاته يو داسي ځواب ووايي  : چې  دغه پيښه کي  زموږ مجاهدين هيڅ لاس نه لری دا دمنطقي دخلکو خپل کار ده ، په سیمه کې زموږ مجاهدين او مسئولين په دې قضيه هيڅ خبر نه دي ، اوبل داچې دا جزا ورکول دشریعت سره هم اړخ نه لګوي ، ځکه په اړه يي تحقيقات نه دي شوي ا و که ثابته شي نو دداسي عمل لپاره شرعا داسي جزا هم نشته بلکې بيل  ډول لري  .

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