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Thailand: Rivers of Tears Flow Tonight

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13 October 2016

Kingdom of Thailand: The body of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has passed away.  His Loving Soul is with us now.

With sad heart that I write these words.  I was told by sources close to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej that he passed away one hour ago, at about 1415 Thailand time.  As I write these words, it has not yet been announced, but when you read these words, it will have been officially announced.

On one level, there is not much to say other than that one of the greatest leaders in history graced us for so long.  He is the Father of Thailand.  He was a champion of peace, freedom, and prosperity, and a good friend to America and to American people.  His Majesty is loved by many Americans.

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Americans normally do not like Kings, but King Bhumibol is a great exception.  Those who studied him grew to respect him, then to like him, and finally to share in the love for the King of Kings.  The love for His Majesty is so immense that it could fill the Gulf of Thailand.

Thais are among the freest people on earth, thanks to His Majesty.  He brought his millions of sons and daughters very far, and he taught lessons and brought inspiration to foreigners such as me.

He was a musician, and good, and his photography was excellent.  Highly educated, he visited every corner of this great country, into the deepest jungles to help villagers, into the mountains, out to the islands, down the rivers.  He went everywhere.  His Majesty was a man of the people.  He wanted to see with his own eyes, and he did.

Finally his body has worn out.  We wish his body had lived to 110 but his body wore out.  He spent it working for Thailand.  But this is not the end.  Only his body is gone.  His Majesty is more alive now than ever before.  Now that he is free from the cage of flesh, his soul is alive and free to walk in every town and village, in every home, in every heart, all at once.  I am alone but I feel him here beside me, looking over my shoulder.  He is right here.  He is with you, with me, with us.

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It will be a great honor for Thai people around the world, and foreigners who love Thailand, to come together today, and remember his teachings on peace, self-reliance, freedom of religion, equality for women and for all.  And to be like bamboo.  Know when to stand strong, and when to bend with the winds that often challenge our roots.  His Majesty always taught unity.

We must remember that His Majesty always taught peace and unity.  Peace, unity, and compassion.

And now I will wear the black shirt, and mourn for his family, for all Thais around the world.  But also rejoice that His Majesty the King is free from suffering, and is now everywhere at once, a free soul bringing love, peace, and unity, to every heart he touched, and the unborn hearts he will touch in the future.

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Should we cry that his body is gone, or celebrate that he lived and remains with us?  The answer is both.  After period of a mourning, there should be a great celebration for his life and soul, and for all his millions of family around the world, including foreigners he touched.

Loved by millions, Rest in Peace, your Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Father of Thailand.

We love you.

Michael Yon
Chiang Mai, Kingdom of Thailand

Michael Yon

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