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Thank You


Thank you for supporting my work.  As you know, my work is vital, difficult, and sometimes – well, in wars, dangerous.

There is no way, at this point, to do my work without being political.  Our Great United States is being destroyed. 
I have observed and studied war around the world. The United States is burning into civil war.  The worsening conditions are clear.  For this explicit reason I flew direct to Portland in September 2020, after years overseas on global recon in places like China, India, Bhutan, Vietnam, and 80 more countries.  This is what I do.  I work hard.  If we are to judge by my long record of assessments that withstood the test of time, I am good at my work.  
For nearly 20 years, globally, your support has made possible what I do best…find the vital signs, assess atmospherics, and report back: Global Recon.  
This work is more important now than ever before.  
In January 2020, I began warning loudly and regularly that this ‘pandemic’ may change our world forever.  I warned about , shortages, hyperinflation, massive disruptions, and PanFaWar, very early in 2020.  
PanFaWar is Pandemic, Famine, War.  Traveling partners.  
When a single member of the PanFaWar arrives in abundance, the other two will join.  It’s all about conditions.  Not sparks.  When forest conditions include abundant dry fuel, the spark will eventually arrive.
I am America’s most experienced combat correspondent.
I work for you. 
I need your support. 
We have many battles ahead.  Everything we love and believe in is at stake.  
Every war is different. Every war requires its own preparation. I am preparing for this war.   You will start to see the changes soon. 
My website has served us well, but it’s time for an upgrade. That process is underway. The new website will be fully interactive and allow you to easily find stories and information for what is happening in your state, and possibly even in your own neighborhood.  You will have a venue to report what you are seeing. A place to network with other Americans so that we all can learn what is working and isn’t working in our hometowns. 
Everywhere I go I hear the same.  People want a news source they can trust. The new website we are building, with your support, will be that source. A source of accurate information.  Clean spring-water in a Dasht-i-margo of lies.  Dasht-i-margo is the Desert of Death in southern Afghanistan, one of may places I witnessed our young troops and civilians die amid lie-storms from governments and distant media who never smelled the blood.
 The Beast fears light.  Light is toxic to The Beast.
I am a war correspondent. I work on the front lines. I always have. 
Currently, I’m on our southern border in Texas. But that is just one of our battlefields. I will soon have the capability to travel safely and quickly from one battlefield to the next. I have made a deposit on a special vehicle that will allow me to travel quickly and safely all over the country. More details later, but I want to come to you. I want to meet you and learn from you.  
I’ve observed war all over the world. The truth in a combat zone comes from the people living in the zone. In this war, those people are you. I will be there to listen and share your truth. Your support will make that possible. 
Your donations are an investment in America, in freedom we’ve enjoyed.  Our freedom is in danger. We feel strangulation. We need to fight The Beast together. I will do my part. But I need your help.  
You will see how your money is being used soon. You will see that it is money well spent.

Delivering accurate information is not Free. Your support makes it possible.

Your gifts ensure that you will continue to get unfiltered reports of what’s happening on the front lines of this fight for freedom. This will be a long journey. The struggle is just beginning. I am asking you for your support. Thank you.

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