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The Bell Tolls and Checkmate for Sri Lanka

The Bell Tolls for Sri Lanka

The Bell Tolls for Sri Lanka

18 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind Dump

This UFO stuff is a distraction. Interesting — SQUIRREL — just before millions of Americans die in a cannibal-ridden famine. I am suspicious of news outlets who suddenly are trying to shift attention to UFOs and their latest race-baiting.

Among many dozens of other countries, the United States shaping up for actual famine. Interesting how breadbaskets sometimes do this…like Henan Province or Ukraine. “We’ll never go into famine! We feed the world!” Wrong.

Last time I was in places like Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh, they had plenty of food, cheap, everywhere.

When Bangladesh, India, and others in South Asia collapse, they will splash over to Burma and Thailand. I have been warning Thais including personally a Prime Minister for years. South Asia is a food time bomb. I spent years running around there.

Unless the UFOs have food and energy or are coming to steal it, ET can stand in line.

The United States is set to explode. Canada better lock the door. Lol. Canada. They exist because we allow it. CCP could move into there.

The Bell Tolls — I made this photograph in Sri Lanka in the Christ Church Mutwal in Colombo, established in 1854. I paid the bell banger to let me photograph the bell and gears. This was just after I left Afghanistan in 2011. I sensed Sri Lanka would pop someday. India and Bangladesh will, too.

The Bell Tolls for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Checkmate — fooled into going ‘organic,’ now they will starve to death

Sri Lanka is in the famine death spiral. Too far gone to avoid impact. When I was there in Sri Lanka, the food was bountiful.

If the USA runs out of fuel or suffers significant power outages, worse shall befall us. We are under attack. My estimate is there will be no real mid-term elections in the United States. OGUS is making a revolution and using energy and food as WMD just as Mao and Stalin did the same, killing tens of millions.

The idea that famines always collapse governments is false. CCP is still in power and making lockdowns 60 years after the famines. Stalin and Mao used the famines as WMD to take more power and it worked.

It’s working in the United States for similar reasons. By the time the average Dodo bird wakes up, he’s already down to the bird feed in his pockets and is too weak and slow to organize. The death spiral has begun.

Now come reports Sri Lanka not planting. This is a normal famine progression. Sri Lanka is not even in famine yet. Conditions continue to set. Sri Lanka will be into cannibalism by end of 2022 unless serious external help arrives. By who?

Soon, Sri Lanka will be just one of many.

Remember that famine creates more famine.

Sri Lanka is not yet into famine. Outer edges of the normal spiral. According to this report, some farmers have stopped planting.

Michael Yon

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